500,000 Italians risk penalties for piracy against Netflix, Sky and DAZN

After the IPTV Special operation last December, the Guardia di Finanza returns to hit “pay TV crafty men” in half of Italy, so much so that over half a million users risk heavy penalties . “ The Net ” is the name of this new raid (pun intended – Ed), which hit various regions of the boot.

10 euros per month : that was enough to see all the contents of the most famous streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Sky and DAZN . The service was offered by a IPTV stationed in Naples , called “CyberGroup”, but searches were also carried out in Tuscany (also via mobile devices ), Emilia-Romagna , Calabria and in the rest of Campania .

In short, the Guardia di Finanza shirt is getting tighter and tighter around the world of IPTV, probably also pressured by the giants of the sector, for which IPTV has always been a thorn in the side. And if the illegality of certain services is not a sufficient deterrent , the fines that the many people involved now risk will probably be very salty .

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By George Adams

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