5G is almost entirely Chinese: increasingly advanced infrastructures and diffusion

The numbers relating to 5G development were released during the China Internet Conference 2021.

China confirms itself as one of the leading countries in infrastructure development 5G network. According to the numbers shared during the recent 2021 China Internet Conference , the Asian country has reached new records in the sector.

The number that is probably most indicative is the percentage of Chinese users browsing 5G compared to all the others: the 89% of the users in the world who have access to 5G are Chinese . China can also boast the largest fiber optic network in the world, while more than 70% of its inhabitants has internet access. Speaking of infrastructure, the country owns about 70% of the 5G stations in the world.

The next targets of the China in this sense are the further development and improvement of 5G infrastructures, heavily subsidized also by the Chinese government . All of this will lead to more big data processing applications, machine learning and IT services.