7 new AI innovations for Google Workspace

7 new AI innovations for Google Workspace


The Google I / O is back to the old style for 2022 and during the keynote we have already seen some interesting news from BigG, such as Pixel 6a, the promise of Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch but not only. In addition to the new smartphones and wearables, Google has unveiled new features for Workspace .

The Google suite of services and apps is receiving a series of useful innovations, all made possible with the support of artificial intelligence . Let's go and see them together:

  • Video enhancements to streaming if you are using an older webcam, the connection is poor quality or if the ambient light is poor. Google AI will automatically enhance the video as you see in the animation below.
  • The functionality Portrait Light is even more interesting and is always about video calling. As you can see from the animation below, it will be possible to simulate the light positioned to illuminate the face . It will be possible to customize its position and intensity. Like the previous news, the feature will definitely arrive on Meet .
  • Added functionality to reduce or delete the reverb during video calls. It will be especially useful when you are in closed and not very large rooms.
  • Live Sharing for content on Meet during video calls . You will then be able to check and edit the content shared by other attendees.
  • Auto Summaries for Spaces conversations available in Gmail. The news has already been distributed globally.
  • The automatic transcripts of the meetings held on Meet will arrive by the end of 2022.
  • Most of the protections of security implemented on Gmail are coming to Slides, Docs and Google Sheets. These consist of protections against phishing or malware attempts.
Source: Google

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