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A hacker attack from Russia hit the sites of the Senate, the Ministry of Defense and others

A serious hacker attack hit several sites of Italian companies and institutions , currently inaccessible. The Russian collective Killnet , openly siding with the Kremlin, claimed responsibility for the attack in question which made the websites of Senate , Ministry of Defense , Aci , High School of Lucca, Institute superior of Healthcare , Banca Compass and Infomedix .

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The attack is of type DDoS , or Distributed Denial of Service : in Put simply, the attacked website is beset by an exaggerated amount of requests, which the server obviously can't handle. This anomalous traffic therefore makes access to the page very slow and, in some cases, completely impossible.

At the moment, the websites mentioned above are still completely inaccessible : below is a screenshot of the Senate page, showing an error message. We will keep you updated on any developments in this affair.

Source: La Repubblica