A new battery technology from Xiaomi is coming

While we have seen significant advances in fast charging technology in recent years, smartphone batteries have remained essentially unchanged. However, Xiaomi finally seems to have a better solution.

In a recent Weibo post, the company announced its upcoming high-silicon lithium battery technology, promising more capacity at the same volume. Xiaomi says its new high-silicon battery technology features three times the silicon content on negative electrodes compared to existing lithium-ion batteries and new packaging technology that reduces control circuitry.


As a result, the company is able to pack 10% more capacity in the same amount of volume. Xiaomi says it will start mass-producing the new batteries in the second half of next year. The upcoming Xiaomi 12 series will most likely not feature the new batteries, but we can expect to see them in next year's Xiaomi flagship range.

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By George Adams

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