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After taking over the social media market, TikTok also wants to conquer video games

TikTok has big plans for video games. And while we could think about the possibilities of adding streaming capabilities to its platform, the truth is that it wants to go one step further. According to Reuters, the ByteDance platform wants to add mini-games to the social network.

And with the mini video games, also the possibility of streaming. It doesn't want to be Twitch, it wants to be a platform where you can play and stream at the same time. Simple games but that are especially attractive to be played and seen from the mobile vertically.

In this sense, the idea is to make a large investment in simple HTML5 games, and the truth is that tests have already begun in some regions. TikTok is also working on a live mobile gaming feature that would allow creators to better engage their fans during streaming broadcasts.

Not just gaming, streaming on TikTok

As it turns out, TikTok goes through adding ByteDance's proprietary suite of games, starting with mini-games that have simple and short mechanics. It is not the first time that the social network flirts with video games. had previously released his own game, Garden of Good, created in partnership with the non-profit organization Feeding America and focused on fundraising.

However, as Techcrunch also points out, according to research by mobile product intelligence firm Watchful, TikTok is working to add mini-games to live videos in its app to improve the ecosystem that the social network already offers today.

Although there is no official confirmation, one of those games would be called Draw & Guess, which is specifically designed to encourage interaction between content creators and their viewers. It is a simple Pictionary type title, players are given words which they then draw on the screen and viewers try to guess what they are drawing, showing in real time the viewer's attempts to guess it.

A more than interesting movement that can add a deeper layer to the possibilities that creators and viewers have on the platform. Nothing is official, and the truth is that the company has not announced any such plan.