Alfawise P2 review, the mini air purifier for everyone

Among the products that in recent months have also taken hold in Italian homes are purifiers. This is not a particularly recent product, but the entry on the market of some important Chinese manufacturers (such as Xiaomi) who, as always are able to do, push hard on the relationship between price and performance, has put these objects for the home within reach of all budgets. Alfawise has slipped into the niche with its P2.

Alfawise P2 the design

Alfawise P2 looks like a product that optimizes price and performance. But this does not mean that he renounces some element of interest since his first appearance out of the box. It is a rather compact device, cylindrical in shape with the top truncated diagonally. It is just 40 centimeters tall and twenty centimeters in diameter and weighs just a couple of kilos.

It is therefore possible to imagine this device as an accessory to be moved to the points of the house where it is needed. The white plastic is of decent quality. Other notable details of a design that was also awarded at the IF Design Awards 2019 are the soft green light it emits at the top, the sunburst grille and touch controls.

Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti

Alfawise P2 the functions

We are talking about a low cost air purifier, therefore with simplified functions. Unlike other higher-end products, there are no sensors to analyze the ambient air quality, nor laser or infrared rays. The panel does not even have a display with information on humidity and temperature of the environment, present on some of the competitors.

In fact, it is a basic purifier, devoid of the “smart” accessory functions that it yields to maintain a low price in favor of those that are the “core business” of a purifier, therefore the cleaning of the air and the reduction of odors.

Internally the P2 has a three-level filter that looks very similar (and functionally identical) to that of Xiaomi's well-known air purifiers. The first filter takes care of removing larger particles such as animal hair or fluff.

The second filter is a classic HEPA filter capable of capturing particles down to 0.3 microns; this is the filter that Alfawise indicates as fundamental to clean up an environment of PM 2.5 particulate matter; but also mites are captured by this type of filter.

Finally we have an activated carbon filter that has the sole purpose of purifying the air from annoying odors that often enter or are generated in homes, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in a cellar.

Alfawise P2 how is it going

As we have mentioned we are talking about a purifier that we could define as entry level. The specifications dictated by Alfawise itself say so: the CADR, the Clean Air Delivery Rate, or the ability to clean the air from particulate matter, reaches 110 M3 per hour, a figure just above the sufficiency. After all, the engine has a power of only 35W.

The manufacturer recommends the Alfawise P2 for a room with an area between 15 and 20 square meters, but taking into account it is likely that the ambitions for efficient use should be settled at 10/15 square meters equivalent to a small kitchen or a small bathroom.

Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The bottom of the purifier Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The packed filter Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti Here is the filter of the Alfawise P2 Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The Alfawise P2 filter seen up close Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The activated carbon filter Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The upper part of the purifier Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti In operation it is silent Recensione Alfawise P2, il mini purificatore d’aria per tutti The “ambient” light

We experimented with it for a few days, for a total of about ten hours, in a kitchen of about fifteen square meters, obtaining good results as regards cleaning the air from the unpleasant odors that are released in environments like these: it smells of fried , odors coming from the drains and from the use of the dishwasher.

We also noticed that the purifier had caught and held a certain amount of dust and cat hair in the primary filter. Little or nothing can be said about the ability to hold PM 2.5; fortunately, the writer lives outside a big city with few pollution problems of this type.

Excellent silence. On our Apple Watch we measured just 55 db at the maximum speed of the three available. It can therefore also be used in a bedroom. The Alfawise P2 we tested is the Wi-Fi version, therefore controllable through Tuya's Smart Life app.

Thanks to the app it is possible to program the switching on and off and carry out other adjustments such as active a time or the speed of the air outlet. Alfawise P2 It is also compatible with Alexa's voice control functions; however nothing essential.

In conclusion

Alfawise P2 is an air purifier with a pleasant design that was created to give everyone the possibility of having a home an accessory capable of capturing dust, dust and cleaning the rooms of unpleasant odors. To achieve this, it sets aside the most advanced functions and reduces the volume of air treated.

The result is a very economical purifier that if used in the context for which it is designed, a small kitchen, a small bathroom or perhaps a caravan or a camper, is able to do its duty. In particular, it seems to us an excellent solution for those who struggle to tolerate unpleasant odors and those who live in environments where dust is easily generated.

It is only necessary to consider that to have real effectiveness on a large room or, worse, an entire apartment, this is not the solution to rely on.

Price and availability

Alfawise P2 can be purchased at the price of 58 euros by clicking on this direct link .

The offer is valid while stocks last; for more information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can consult the seller's website.