Amazon Prime Video implements Watch Party on other devices

In June last year, Amazon Prime Video launched a new feature called Watch Party, which allowed users to watch TV series and movies together, a feature that has long been present in other streaming platforms.

At launch, it was only available on Prime Video for desktop. However, in February of this year, clues were identified that suggested the implementation of this novelty also on the smartphone app and on the Fire TV. Now it's finally finally here. Although Amazon hasn't made any announcements about it, the Watch Party FAQ section on its site now states:

Compatible devices for Watch Party playback include desktop browsers (except Apple Safari and Internet Explorer ) and FireTV devices, exclusively in the Prime Video app. To host or join a Watch Party on a FireTV device, you must first open the Prime Video app. Playback is not supported on mobile devices, but the latest version of the Prime Video app on your mobile device supports Watch Party chat and makes it easy to share a link to your Watch Party with family and friends.

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As can be seen then, Fire TV devices now offer the full Watch Party experience, while the Amazon Prime Video app for smartphones offers chat support only. This means Prime Video subscribers will be able to hang out with their friends on Fire TV and chat in real time with their mobile devices.