AmazonBasics Travel Backpack Review

Among all the proposals of the Amazon Prime products that are built and marketed by the Seattle giant, we were immediately struck by this AmazonBasics travel backpack, a product designed for those who must travel with the computer and / or various tablets in tow, but which obviously it also needs space for all accessories.

We used it to move to Milan but also for some business trips around Italy, experimenting with short and long stretches, in situations where the needs are clearly different.

Amazon Basic Zaino da viaggio

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  • AmazonBasics Travel Backpack, the review

    Basic, but complete

    The model we tested, in Gray color, arrived in a fairly anonymous cardboard box, as is customary with Prime products: inside the real backpack protected by a nylon bag.

    The measurements speak of a product of 52.1 x 34.3 x 20.3 cm with a weight of 1.59 kg when empty: this already made us understand that the product is important and suitable for those who plan a a couple of days trip by all means, no more because otherwise the space requirements change.

    The coloring is only front and side, while the part in contact with the back is made of padded and breathable black material.

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    The backpack offers two handles, one at the top and one on the side that allow transport in various ways: the straps are retractable and if necessary can be hidden in the back pocket while inside there is an additional, larger strap for the shoulder. , very convenient for example for those who make short trips on foot.

    The trolley slot closes everything, for those who, as we have said, travel for longer periods: it should be noted that the backpack works as hand luggage in the most famous airlines, but sometimes only with priority access (such as Ryanair for example).

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    What color is orange?

    The AmazonBasics Travel Backpack consists of a back pocket that can accommodate a 15 “laptop and, thanks to a soft batter, also an iPad while in the central pocket, which is wider (and can be opened completely), clothes can be accommodated. necessary for hygiene or alternatively a sweater, a towel or a pair of jeans.

    It should be noted that the external colors change, but winter is, as far as we understand, always orange: a very strong color but which allows easy recognition of cables and accessories which are often black.

    The semi-front storage pocket features five different zippered pockets (three transparent), plus another five zipperless (two of which are very small for very small items such as Filo Tag) and an elasticated pen loop.

    Finally, a front pocket rope closure for more emergency items, such as a charger or cables, but large enough to also accommodate an iPad mini.

    It closes the whole side bottle holder and a small bag in the back, hidden, both with zip.

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    For short trips, but not too much

    On short trips, in our case within the urban network of Milan between Tram, Metro and buses, the backpack has behaved very well, it has always been up to the level in the decisive use as much as in the occasional one: on the shoulder it fits very well and it can also be looked at, which considering the price is not cheap.

    But it is on longer trips, those that last a day or two, that the backpack shows its qualities, especially in the pocket in the middle where there is really a lot of stuff, considering that we are talking about a backpack mainly used for carrying a computer. and accessories.

    Those who have to go to Rome from Milan for a couple of days, and want to carry only a toothbrush, a change of clothes and underwear, can also use only the AmazonBasics Travel Backpack and allocate the trolley perhaps to periods of longer transit.

    The pockets are very comfortable, especially for accessories in the front one, where all things find their place, from the largest to the smallest and, for our part, we also found the drink holder very convenient, especially if you move a lot to feet in the hottest periods of the year.

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    Considering the cost, 59.99 Euros and the seven colors available we can say that this backpack offers a wide customization, in addition to a wide comfort.

    It is not small, for sure, because a laptop fits very comfortably with all, really all, accessories: here the need of users also has a lot to do with it.

    Those looking for a bag to go to the office in the morning maybe here will find a companion that is too generous in size, for those who travel a little more the AmazonBasics Travel Backpack is an excellent travel companion at a certainly interesting price.

    Amazon Basic Zaino da viaggio The large pockets can accommodate various objects, more or less large: here with Filo, a bluetooth tracker we talked about a few days ago.


    • Practical and roomy, many pockets • Highly customizable • Double handle is convenient for travel


    • A little big • You need to fill it to get a really stiff shape


    • 59.99 Euro

    AmazonBasics Travel Backpack is a Prime product and can be purchased directly from the pages in the colors Blue, Denim, Gray, Black, Red, Green and Purple at a price of 59.99 euros. At the time of writing, not all colors are available.