Android 12 loses some customization options

Android 12 is close to the final version, but some users aren't too happy with a change made to remove some customization options in favor of others.

The XDA developers spotted a thread in the Google Issue Tracker, highlighting the lack of custom styles in the Pixel Wallpaper & Styles menu. The complaint states that customization options “have been reduced to almost none” and that the change “has greatly destroyed the appeal of pure Android and Google phones”.

Material You

Others intervened, agreeing with the complaint, but a comment from Google may have provided the final word on the matter:

The custom style features (font, icon shape, icon pack and accent color) are being replaced by the new dynamic theme feature we are introducing.

We believe the new dynamic theming feature is more modern and smarter. A simple and pleasant experience that we hope all users will enjoy.

It therefore appears that Google is aiming for a more unified and coherent aspect for Android 12. The green robot is known for its customization, which allows Android smartphone owners to completely change the style of their user experience. While the new Material You theme helps clean up the overall look of Android, it sadly comes at the expense of the more granular customization options introduced on the Pixels with Android 10.