Android 12, new design, extreme customization and even more privacy

During the Google I / O tonight Big G gave us a taste of Android 12, available today in beta. Here's everything you need to know.

The change was in the air, as we have been able to tell you, but now the official has arrived: Android 12 will deviate heavily from the previous versions, at least from the graphic point of view.

In addition to the new design related to some system icons, Android 12 will allow users to create customized themes, acting both on the color of the different toggles, and on the size of the same.

Android 12

Obviously, should you feel a little lost in the construction of your personal interface, the Google software will be ready to help you, creating a theme that is perfectly consistent with the wallpaper you have just chosen as background:

Below is a small taste of the potential of the new OS:

An eye to privacy could not be missing, with a dedicated dashboard able to show which apps obtained, which permissions and for how long.

Android 12

We conclude with the new Google Car Key feature, which will allow you to open and close the doors of our cars directly from your smartphone:

Android 12

Android 12 beta is available for download right now. Download links will be added to this page in the next few hours. It will not be an exclusive for Google Pixel owners, but it will also be downloadable by those who own one of the smartphones selected for the beta program, which includes brands such as Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo and Vivo.