Anker Flare 2 review, the revolution is in color

Finally something different from the usual. How to blame us, when in our work we happen to try dozens of speakers a month? The undersigned, in the six years of reviews on Cyberlayman has tested so many that he has long since lost count.

On the one hand this allows us to have the right experience to be able to submit them to a sincere review, on the other hand it makes the work a continuous discovery especially when Anker Flare 2 ends up in our hands, a speaker that manages to get noticed for what it is. has become his hallmark.

How it's made

Compared to the others, it incorporates a lighting system that transforms what might seem a simple loudspeaker into a modern piece of furniture. Two rings, one surrounding the base and one the opposite end, incorporate an RGB LED system with millions of colors that move and shine to the rhythm of the music or in a totally random way according to the user's choice.

The speaker itself is in fact a cylinder with a flattened central section that makes it easy to hold even with one hand. The whole structure is covered by the fabric that protects the audio diffusion system – consisting of two drivers and as many passive radiators, for a total of 20 W of power – at three hundred and sixty degrees.

The base is reinforced with a rubber ring that improves grip on smooth surfaces while in the upper area the buttons are recessed to control music playback and manually adjust the lighting style of the LEDs.

Bozza automatica Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore

How is it going

The audio quality of the Anker Flare 2 is remarkable. The yield of the medium and high frequencies is excellent but above all the bass are present and performing. The Bluetooth connection to the smartphone is lightning fast and there is no latency in music reproduction, plus the maximum volume level guarantees excellent sound power without ever distorting.

As we said it is a 20 W speaker whose main feature lies in the combined lighting system. In fact, the two rings react to the rhythm of the music and can flash or change color tones according to the song you are listening to at the moment.

Through the combined app you can adjust the equalization or you can choose the effect of the colors, the latter also adjustable by pressing the dedicated button on the push-button panel incorporated in the speaker itself.

We could not try one of the most interesting functions of Anker Flare 2 because it includes the contribution of another 99 units: thanks to PartyCast technology it is in fact possible to connect up to 100 Anker Flare 2 to make them play and flash in unison, the which should be a real sight for both ears and eyes.

In any case, even on its own it makes an impression, especially because in a dark room, placed on a shelf or shelf and placed next to a wall, especially if white, it manages to propagate its light effects and make everything even more intriguing. .

From the standpoint of autonomy, it alone manages to play at the maximum volume level for more than 10 consecutive hours without ever turning off (and recharges completely in less than 4 hours), while as regards the other characteristics we point out the presence of the IPX7 certification which guarantees its resistance to water splashes and dust, so theoretically it can be used on the beach and in the pool without fear of damaging it.

What is he missing? the 3.5 mm audio jack input, which can sometimes be useful.

Recensione Anker Flare 2, la rivoluzione è nel colore


Anker Flare 2 is a great speaker to amplify smartphone music. Taken individually, it is a valid companion for listening to music at home, especially when there is no space for a more complex and performing audio system.

But the most is achieved by buying at least two or taking it to a party where other people also own one due to the PartyCast technology mentioned above.


  • Sound output
  • Autonomy
  • Lighting system
  • PartyCast Technology
  • USB-C socket
  • Cons

  • Audio jack is missing
  • Retail price

    Anker Flare 2 is on sale on Amazon at a price of 79.99 euros.