Anker Powerwave A2507 charger review, quality at the right price

We know that at the moment the best charger you can buy for an iOS 12 is the Magsafe, but we also know that on the one hand for those who do not have an iPhone 12 the Magsafe is not recommended and on the other that there are several owners of an iPhone ( of any series) who would simply like a good product to wirelessly charge their phone. One such solution is the Anker Powerwave A2507, a device that caught our attention for several reasons.

Anker Powerwave A2507 how it's done

The first reason is in the construction philosophy. Faced with a series of competitors who bet everything on plastic and price (or perhaps on plastic to reduce the price), Anker here in the face of an average price higher than many competitors, produces an accessory that does not skimp on anything regarding materials and solidity . That we are faced with something different from the many charging platforms that we find on Amazon is immediately understood; the weight, despite the small size, is considerable and the assembly (perfect) is made of satin aluminum and rubber. In the package we also find a generous length cable, 150cm (Apple take notes …) USB-A to USB-C. The USB-C connector located on the edge of the charger helps reduce the thickness. Overall, Anker's A2507 is undoubtedly a very well built product .

Recensione caricabatterie Anker Powewave A2507, qualità al giusto prezzo

Anker Powerwave A2507 how it works

Describing how the Anker A2507 works is perhaps superfluous, but it's worth remembering a couple of things to keep in mind. The manufacturer rightly talks about 15W of maximum output, but when it comes into play in the iPhone this performance drops to 7.5W . Apple limits the performance of any wireless charger that is not a Magsafe for safety reasons (i.e. risks from heating) and tactics (selling more Magsafe products). For this reason, the A2507 also charges iPhone at 7.5W.

A second thing that must be taken into account is that the Anker charger does not have a magnet to center its coils with those of the iPhone (or any other phone with wireless charging) so a certain attention is always required in positioning. In any case, during our test it seemed to us that the combined effect of the size of the coils in relation to the physical dimensions of the charger and their power, putting the phone in a position useful for charging is less tiring than with other accessories with the same. form factor.

Anker Powerwave A2507, charging

We don't have to repeat here that wireless charging is slower than that of wired charging. Charging an iPhone 12 Pro using the fastest system (a charger of at least 18W and a Lightning USB-C cable) takes two and a half hours but with any wireless charger the times are much longer.

The best wireless system, it is worth reiterating, was and remains Magsafe; to recharge an iPhone 12 Pro with the Apple charger it takes three hours, with the Anker Powerwave A2507 it will take around 4 hours. Magsafe in half an hour brings iPhone 12 Pro to 30%, Anker's device to just under 20%. Speed ​​to which Apple is forced apart the A2507 does a great job . Heating is minimal thanks to the dissipating power of the aluminum part. The base is stable both on the support surface and in the relationship with the iPhone, thanks to the double anti-slip ring.

Recensione caricabatterie Anker Powerwave A2507, qualità al giusto prezzo

In conclusion

In conclusion from the point of view of operation and construction the Anker Powerwave A2507 is completely comparable to some QI wireless chargers of the best brands , such as Belkin Boost UP, the Native Union Drop and Mophie Wireless Charging Pad. Compared to these products the price is lower (often much lower) without neglecting anything in the quality of the materials. Compared to products with a slightly lower cost, it has the advantage of being produced with more care and having an excellent overall quality. It costs 29.99 euros on Amazon, even if you often find it at a discount.