Apple clear case review for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple along with the new iPhones always releases new cases. A step that arouses interest and attention because, although it is easy to find third-party cases for Apple phones even before their launch, it is not so easy to find high quality ones. In fact, Apple holds back the specifications of its phones until the last moment, a good move for two reasons: to protect the secrets of its devices and to exploit their launch to sell cases, on which it earns a lot. This was also the case this year, with the launch of cases in leather (in various versions and colors), in colored silicone and in transparent plastic. An assortment already seen last year, but with a novelty: the transparent case is available not only for iPhone 11 (the equivalent of the iPhone XR of 2018) but also for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max , the two screen cuts of the top model.

Why the Apple transparent case

The reason Apple released the clear iPhone 11 Pro case is in the design of the new iPhone . The opaque glass back and the new discussed cameras on a square platform, required a case that was able to highlight and enhance (in detractors of the triple camera design would say “manage”) these elements. The temptation to buy these cases, both for the fact that they are Apple, and for the fact that they are “guaranteed” in size and promising in quality, is strong even if the price could discourage many of the potential customers: 45 euros . The question is therefore: is it worth giving in to temptation, or is it better to focus on some other transparent case by spending a fifth?

Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max

How Apple Clear Cases Are Made

Apple to convince you that this is your transparent case, illustrates some technical details underlining that “it is resistant and pleasant to the touch, and is made of a mixture of polycarbonate and TPU that gives it transparency and flexibility” and also adds that it is able to adhere perfectly to the iPhone body. These details are all true. From the very first grip, the transparent case for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max appears as a quality product made of excellent plastic.

Among the details that are perceived there is the rigidity of the structure combined with relatively flexible and softer edges. Fitting it on the phone is not easy because it is really precise in the measurements. You have to insert the upper part and then push with a certain force in the lower part, widening the two corners. If the case is difficult to put on, it is even more difficult to remove . The only system is to force on the two low corners which offer a not very wide and unsafe grip. There is a risk of seeing the iPhone splash off with imaginable consequences.

The dominant aspect, besides the precision, is the absolute minimalism . The case does nothing to get noticed – there are no corners, lines and protrusions. The only edges are on the back, around the cameras to keep them off the surface of a table and protect them, but Apple has camouflaged them very well. Transparency is almost perfect: only with some very specific angles and only in the central part you can see multicolored reflections, but you really have to look good. There are no traces of extrusion castings or seams anywhere. It is a kind of perfectly shaped plastic sheet.

The final effect is that of an iPhone that appears almost “naked” with all the design details clearly visible. From this point of view the transparent case keeps what it promises.

1 of 7 Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The clear case for iPhone 11 Pro out of the box Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The square hole for the camera Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The key cover (a bit hard) of the case Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The keys protruding from the case Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The camera is surrounded by transparent case border Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The bottom edge is not protected as in all Apple cases Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro Max with the transparent case appears in its perfect and refined design

How to handle and how to handle

The case offers a good “grip”, superior to that of the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone Pro Max without it. As we explained in our smartphone review, the matte rear glass is more slippery than the previous one which was shiny so a real fingerprint magnet but was also “sticky”; a case like this restores a good ability to adhere to the fingertips.

On the other hand, an aspect that is not very convincing is the coverage of the side keys. The pressure that must be exerted is obviously greater than that which should be used if there were no case, but the answer is quite “rubbery” and not too precise. From this point of view the leather case we used until a few days ago with the iPhone XS Max, equipped with metal keys, is far superior.

The lower part, as per the tradition of Apple cases, is not complete to favor gestures and connect the charging cables without problems. The idea is very good and there are not too many problems for the exposure of the edge of the iPhone 11 Pro. It is in fact difficult for it to get scratched thanks to the protrusion of the two corners.

Resistance to scratches, yellowing, fall protection

According to Apple, the case “inside and out has a scratch-resistant coating and is made of materials that do not yellow over time.” Of course we cannot confirm or deny these claims given the short time we have spent with custody. But last year for a couple of months we used the one for the iPhone XR which is very similar to this year's. In addition, we had the opportunity to examine a case from a colleague who has an iPhone XR with the old transparent case. The accessory seems to have resisted very well both yellowing and loss of transparency . Only at the corners is there a slight loss of original characteristics. Only relatively numerous scratches have a superficial impact on us. We'll see if it will be the same for the iPhone 11 Pro case too.

The impact resistance appears to be very good . The edges, one of the weak points of all iPhones, are protected by an abundant layer of plastic with a shock-absorbing effect. The whole structure is rigid and capable of actually improving protection while the front of the phone cannot rub on surfaces even if we turn the phone face down as the case rises slightly above the iPhone screen. In short, there is enough to protect iPhone 11 Pro in everyday life and also from accidental falls and bumps maybe inside your bag even if probably to avoid scratches on the screen it is always a good idea to buy a protective glass for the front . We chose Spigen's with applicator.

Recensione custodia trasparente per iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max The transparency of the iPhone 11 Pro case is excellent


The transparent case for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is certainly a great product . It is sturdy, well built and at the same time minimalist; it is almost as transparent as glass and apparently seems to be able to defend iPhone from even very insidious falls. It is not an all-proof case, but for this you should choose much more intrusive cases. Scratch resistance to touch and sight looks good even if it is obvious that it is not possible to avoid them completely. It remains to be seen what the level of yellowing will be , one of the biggest problems with TPU cases.

Among the defects, the difficulty in removing it and the slightly too rigid and unresponsive cover of the physical keys. The price must also be put into account of the defects: 45 euros for a plastic case is a very high price , considering that the leather one from Apple, perhaps less suited to the design of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max but still of high quality, it costs the same amount. After all good quality cases, even if probably lower than Apple's, often cost 10 euros. They are obviously not an Apple product and just as obviously they may not fit so precisely and have the same study process of design and chemical compounds, but if you are on the market not for the absolute brand and quality, but for the best relationship between price, performance and quality this is where you should look.


  • High build quality
  • Very protective in relation to the type
  • Perfect for highlight the materials and design of the iPhone 11 Pro
  • Cons

  • Hard and unresponsive key cover
  • Difficult to put on and (above all) to take off
  • Expensive in relation to the competition
  • Cost and where to buy

    The transparent case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is on sale at all Apple stores, at APRs and also online. It costs 45 euros, but on Amazon which is always an Apple authorized reseller, you can buy it with a slight discount both in the version for iPhone 11 Pro and in the version for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The version for iPhone 11 is substantially identical; you can also find this on Amazon