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Apple launches tool to transfer all photos from iCloud to Google Photos (photos)

An important news arrives at Apple regarding the images and their synchronization with the cloud. After some rumors that emerged in the previous weeks, the Cupertino house has officially launched the tool to migrate your shots from iCloud to Google Photos .

Apple has officially launched the new feature to transfer its entire library of images synchronized with its iCloud, interfaced with the Photos app, to Google Photos, BigG's well-known cloud platform for images and videos. As you can see from the screenshot in the gallery below , the function will allow the complete copy of the image library on Photos. So nothing will be removed from your iCloud account .

Something will not transfer : this is the content that is not synchronized with the Apple cloud, i.e. shared albums, smart albums and some metadata. To be clarified the aspect of the transfer of the Live Photos , which is able to take iPhone: It is still unclear whether the entire video clip associated with the image will be transferred or just the still image.

The new functionality should be already available in European countries, and therefore also in Italy . The procedure should be available through the Privacy section of the official Apple website, after having performed the login with your iCloud account. The transfer is obviously subject to the amount of space available on your Google cloud.