Apple renews the look of its online store with a new section for purchases (photo)

After a brief moment in which had been taken offline, the Apple Store is back among us full of some aesthetic novelties. In fact, the experts have developed a restyling of the site characterized by the inclusion of a new tab at the top of the page regarding purchases.

It is no coincidence that it is called “ Store ” followed by entries from notes connected to the various Apple product lines. By clicking on the new tab you are redirected to the new and tidy page dedicated to the purchase of the various Apple devices, where it is also possible to retrieve shopping guides, section for news, links for support pages and much more.

From the aesthetic point of view the site looks very similar to the dedicated app for iPad and iPhone, thanks to this the horizontal fluid scrolling cards through the practical arrow on which to click.

This modernization of Apple's website comes just before what could be a busy autumn for the company, given the anticipated release of the new iPhone 13, AirPods and MacBook Pro.