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Apple stopped making iPods

Loading player Apple has announced that it has discontinued production of the iPod touch, the latest model of portable iPod music playback devices still available. The first iPod was publicly presented by Steve Jobs on October 23, 2001, more than twenty years ago: subsequently the devices had a huge commercial success all over the world, helping to make Apple the company it is today. The iPhone, the product to which its current success owes even more, would come six years later.

The first iPod model had an ultra-thin hard drive with a capacity of 5 gigabytes, weighed 186 grams, had a battery that lasted about ten hours, was compatible exclusively with Apple computers and cost $ 399.

Over the years there have been several generations of iPod models: from 2004 i small iPod mini, still with the black and white screen; since 2005 the iPod nano, thinner, and the iPod shuffle, without screen; and since 2007 iPod touches – basically iPhones without phone functions. The production of the iPod nano and shuffle, in fact the last devices from Apple that were used exclusively for listening to music, had been stopped in 2017.

The iPod touch can be purchased while stocks last. They were presented in their latest version in 2019: in the plans of the company they should have attracted those people who do not want or cannot buy an iPhone because it is too expensive. But for most people it doesn't make sense to have a second device just for listening to music, which you can do with smartphones too.

By announcing the end of an important part of its history, Apple has said that “the spirit of the iPod will live on” in all its devices that play music, starting with iPhones.