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Apple will allow subscriptions to increase automatically

Apple has long accustomed us to unilateral decisions that have caused quite a stir . The last one concerns the apps and services of the App Store with subscription, which in some conditions could increase without the user's consent and with sending a simple communication .

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The change is quite important as until now, even if the automatic renewal of a subscription was enabled, an increase in the price forced the user to reset the procedure. This had two effects :

  1. a greater control of spending by the user
  2. the fact that many users prefer not to renew the subscription in question

Obviously the second point must not satisfy the managers of the bitten apple, who have decided to introduce a new method of renewal .

According to Apple's announcement, automatic renewal is only allowed if the price increase meets both of these conditions :

  • does not occur more than once a year
  • does not exceed
    • $ 50 or 50% of the price for annual passes
    • $ 5 or 50% of the price for subscriptions of shorter duration

Apple reiterates that users will still be informed of the increase via e-mails, push notifications and messages within the app, but obviously the procedure of acceptance is much clearer and it's easy to imagine someone missing out on notifications.

Via: Neowin
Source: Apple