Aukey 60W Dual USB-C Review, the ingenious power supply to charge Mac and iPhone together

The quality is out of the question but Apple power supplies and cables cost more than average and those included as standard with computers and devices do not offer some essential functions: in the Aukey 60W Dual USB-C with Power Delivery review we put the ingenious power supply to the test to recharge MacBook and iPhone at the same time, even with fast recharge.

To take full advantage of this accessory we tried it together with Aukey cables tailored to the needs of Apple users: the USB-C to USB-C cable for MacBook 2 meters long, the USB-C to Lightning cable 1.2m MFi certified Made For iPhone, finally on the road we also tried the Aukey USB-C Power Delivery car charger. The latter offers two USB-C ports for fast simultaneous recharging of two devices even when traveling by car.

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High quality from Aukey

In the crowded panorama of Chinese electronics manufacturers, Aukey is one of those few brands that has managed to differentiate itself thanks to a great focus on high quality components and accessories, meeting all the mandatory certification and safety requirements in Europe and in the United States. United, two of the most regulated and monitored markets on the planet.

The Aukey recipe works because it offers high quality, functional and safe products at affordable prices, sold all over the world through Amazon, on which the manufacturer is one of the top sellers in the world. The premise is due to one of the Chinese brands that on Amazon collects hundreds and thousands of 4-5 star reviews from satisfied users in Italy and in many other countries.

The Aukey 60W Dual USB-C power supply is a fairly recent product so, at the time of this writing, it only has a little over 20 reviews all 5 stars. But for example the 2 meter Aukey USB-C to Lightning cable proposed since 2016, the reviews are a total of over 300 with an average of 4.2 stars.

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Reload tests

For the Aukey 60W Dual USB-C review in the first tests we recharged the iPhone alone: ​​when only one port of the Aukey 60W Dual USB-C power supply is used, the Power Delivery 3.0 technology is used which automatically determines the maximum power absorbed safely from the device for fast charging.

With the iPhone at 51% charge, the power supply delivers 5.04V at variable amperes: the tester scored values ​​between 1.74A up to 1.80A. The more iPhone is discharged, the higher the power in volts and amperes absorbed, values ​​which then progressively decrease as the battery charges. With original Apple power supply and cable for iPhone 11 the tester scores 5.03V at 0.97A with iPhone at 50%.

All this data translates into double the charging speed for the Aukey solution compared to that possible with Apple accessories. A godsend on the most hectic days because, even using a power socket for a few minutes, you get a surprising percentage of recharge, providential autonomy to arrive in the evening and continue to be operational and available.

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Double charging MacBook 13 “and iPhone 11 at the same time

Finally experiencing the thrill of fast charging with iPhone (or Android) is not the only great satisfaction that this compact quality power supply is able to offer. In fact, we used the two USB-C ports to recharge and power the 13 “MacBook Pro and a smartphone at the same time.

In the first round of testing we connected the Apple laptop with 46% charge together with a completely zero battery Android terminal. While the MacBook Pro 13 ”is recharged with the computer running and running, the Aukey power supply recharges the Android terminal at the same time: the latter is powered at 5V and 1.94A. After only 30 minutes of recharging the battery of the Mac scores 64%, while the Android smartphone is at 29% battery.

In half an hour we got 18% more charge in the laptop and 29% more charge in the smartphone. After an hour and 10 minutes of charging the Mac battery is at 89% while the phone has reached 62%. In the time of a lunch break of about an hour, both the laptop and the phone had sufficient recharge to face the rest of the day and arrive in the evening without problems.

Recensione Aukey 60W Dual USB-C, l’alimentatore geniale per ricaricare Mac e iPhone insieme In another test drive we recharged the MacBook Pro at 60% battery and iPhone 11 at 20% charge together at the same time. Although the power supply manual specifies that fast charging with Power Delivery 3.0 is only used when using only one of the two USB-C ports of the charger, in reality this limitation did not exist in our tests.

By first connecting iPhone 11 (without Mac) the power supply delivers 9.18v to 2.54A: the values ​​decreased only slightly when we also connected the laptop (always on and in use while charging) to the power supply, passing to 9, 18V at 1.95A. After about 10 minutes of charging the iPhone was already at 41% battery while the laptop was still at 60%. We recorded a 1% increase in the charging of the laptop, always on and in use during the test, after about 15 minutes which went from 60 & to 61%.

aukey cavi usb c 2 As the phone recharging increases, the power supply reduces the power delivered on this port, while increasing that on the second port to which we connected the laptop. After about 30 minutes from the start, the laptop scores 71% (thus an increase of 10 percentage points of the battery) while the iPhone 11 went from 20% charge to 71%. At 45 minutes from the start, the iPhone is at 80% of the charge and the Mac scores 82%. Speed ​​and values ​​are truly remarkable, allowing you to get the most out of charging with a single power supply for both your computer and iPhone.

Always taking as a reference the time of a lunch break of about an hour, the Mac reached 93% of the charge and the iPhone 89%. For all the tests of the Aukey 60W Dual USB-C review we used the Aukey 60W Dual USB-C power supply with Power Delivery 3.0, the 2m Aukey USB-C to USB-C cable to charge MaBook Pro and the Aukey cable 1.2m USB-C to Lightning to charge iPhone 11.

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Double port and fast charging even in the car with Aukey 36W USB-C

Double and fast charging is also possible in the car with the Aukey 36W USB-C charger, in fact this adapter to be inserted into the cigarette lighter of cars provides two USB-C ports, one with Power Delivery technology. A real surprise and a godsend to get enough recharge in just a few minutes to revive an iPhone or Android running out of steam, even by recharging two smartphones at the same time.

In our test we simultaneously connected an Android at 67% battery via USB-C cable and also iPhone 11 at 50% charge again using the Aukey USB-C to Lightning cable. In less than 10 minutes both terminals recorded a marked increase in battery: iPhone 11 reached 60% and Android 76% recharge. Thanks to the Power Delivery 3.0 technology on the USB-C port used for the iPhone 11, the power delivered at the beginning is 9.19V at 1.70A, a power that is progressively reduced as the terminal recharges.

In about 20 minutes, the iPhone was already at 73%, therefore with a jump of 23% more battery than at the beginning, while the Android terminal reached 84%, therefore with an increase of 17%. The difference between the two is due to the greater initial recharge of the Android smartphone and the lower power supplied by the Aukey power supply. In any case, the maximum power delivered by this adapter is 36W, divided into 18W per port, thus providing fast charging for all connected devices that support it. A really useful accessory not only for emergency recharges even in the car, but also for those vehicles that provide only one USB port.

Recensione Aukey 60W Dual USB-C, l’alimentatore geniale per ricaricare Mac e iPhone insieme

Final remarks

The accessories tested in this Aukey 60W Dual USB-C review (wall power supply and cables) cost less than the corresponding Apple products, are of excellent quality and offer functions not currently available in the Cupertino accessories range. A single lightweight and compact power supply to charge both MacBook Pro and iPhone together, with the added advantage of fast charging for the smartphone. Not only that: in all the tests and tests carried out the Aukey power supplies heated up very little, proving in the field to be very efficient, well engineered and built.

For those who need to replace the Apple USB-C power supply for Macbook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 ”or for those looking for a compact and lightweight travel adapter, this model and the cables tested here are a highly recommended solution. With this Aukey power supply we can leave the laptop power supply at home and also the iPhone power supply, plus take advantage of even the short breaks to get the maximum possible energy for our smartphone thanks to fast charging, all this while saving. All these considerations also apply to the car charger to quickly charge two smartphones or USB-C devices up to 18W.


Simultaneously charge your laptop and iPhone Fast iPhone charging Excellent value for money Compact, perfect for use at home and on the go Aukey accessories cost much less than Apple's


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Prices and availability

The Aukey 60W Dual USB-C power supply with Power Delivery 3.0 (Aukey PA-D5) is offered at the list price of 59.99 euros: you can buy it from this Amazon page.

The 2 meter long Aukey USB-C to USB-C cable to charge MaBook Pro, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro and any other computer and device equipped with this connector costs only 8.99 euros from this Amazon page. The 1.2-meter Aukey USB-C to Lightning cable to charge any iPhone and iPad with Lightning connector, also taking advantage of fast charging with models from iPhone X and later, costs 13.99 euros from this Amazon page.

Finally, the Aukey 36W USB-C car charger with Power Delivery 3.0 is offered at 19.99 euros from this Amazon page.