Tesla launches… into karaoke!

Tesla launches… into karaoke!

At the end of last year, Tesla rolled out a new major update, also allowing you to take advantage of some original features, such as the possibility of transforming your car into a mechanical clone of Michael Jackson. Indeed, Teslas have long since ceased to be simple electric cars, so much so that they also allow you to play video games, starting with the timeless Sonic the Hedgehog of your childhood. Yes, yes!

Karaoke nights in Teslas?

On the side of Elon Musk, we also take pleasure in hijacking the Tesla brand to do just about everything, and especially anything. Recently, Tesla notably offered a bottle of tequila on its official store, and for the past few hours, a new tandem of accessories has been displayed for sale in China.

Indeed, if karaoke is a very popular activity almost everywhere in the world, it is particularly the case in China, where there are many spaces dedicated to this more or less sweet passion for esgourdes. Also, Tesla has decided to offer via its official store a pair of wireless microphones, which work natively with the on-board operating system.

A pair of Tesla Mics displayed at just under $200 all the same, which did not prevent their success, since the stock sold out in just a few hours. As in a good old Singstar at the time of the PS2, the Tesla Mic pack therefore consists of two microphones, but also a selection of songs cut for karaoke, the lyrics displayed directly on the screen of the Central console. Obviously, this karaoke mode is only accessible when the vehicle is stationary.

At present, this karaoke mode, which allows you to kill time when the vehicle is charging for example, is only available in China. However, it should soon be exported to North America, and probably to Europe. Until then, keep working on your vocals in the shower.