Beats Studio Buds Review: We tested the ‘cheap sibling’ of the AirPods Pro

Beats Studio Buds Review: We tested the ‘cheap sibling’ of the AirPods Pro

The Beats Studio Buds are Apple’s in-house alternative to the AirPods Pro. They feature active noise cancellation and IPX4 certification. In this article, I’ll be sharing my impressions of the Beats Studio Buds.

Beats Studio Buds is a fully wireless headphone from Beats , a company owned by Apple . The model has active noise cancellation , IPX4 water and sweat protection certification and a promise of eight hours of battery life, reaching a full day with the charging case.

We’ve tested the phone over the last few months, and impressions have been good, overall. The suggested price may seem a little scary, but the model can now be found on Amazon from $149 in the black version . The following was our experience with the AirPods Pro ‘s in-house competitor.

Beats Studio Buds Black
Beats Studio Buds Black

Beats Studio Buds Design

Beats Studio Buds have an in-ear design and are completely cable-free. Its shape has a comfortable fit, with more than one size option for the silicone tips. As I’ve also noted with the Powerbeats Pro , the Studio Buds have an “ideal” position, and can hurt the ear if not properly adjusted to the ear canal.
The biggest problem I have with the Studio Buds is how difficult they are to take out of your ear. I have found that it is very easy to drop them when you are pulling them out, as the design does not provide a secure grip for your hands. They stay firm during use, but you have to be careful when you are storing them. If you have long hair, that could also be an issue.
The headset has two buttons, one on each side. These buttons can be customized to control various functions, such as pausing, fast-forwarding, or rewinding playback; adjusting volume; activating noise cancellation; or summoning Siri. To customize the buttons’ functions, press and hold a button.
In the iPhone’s Bluetooth menu, you can make adjustments to how your device connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Beats Studio Buds Design
Beats Studio Buds Design

The charging case for these headphones is small and easily fits into most pockets. Accommodating the headphones inside the case is a quick and easy process, thanks to the case’s magnets. Charging is done via a USB-C cable. The earphones and case have an elegant finish, and the set is available in a variety of colors, including red, black, blue, grey, and pink.

Beats Studio Buds Sound Quality

Beats has been known for years to provide quality sound in their products. However, many users have complained about the excess bass in their products. I did not get this impression when using the Studio Buds. The audio was very clean and provided different frequencies in a balanced way.
Apple does not detail the size of the headphone driver, only mentioning the “layered diaphragm type” component. However, the experience of listening to music with noise canceling and using ambient mode was still very good.
This headset is compatible with Apple Music spatial audio and can also play in Dolby Atmos, which is a feature exclusive to Apple models.

Beats Studio Buds Water Resistance

We thought the IPX4 certification deserved a separate topic. The code only indicates resistance against water and sweat, fully approved as I used the headset for various aerobic activities with a lot of perspiration.

One curious detail that was not foreseen in the tests is that the phone resisted an accidental passage through the washing machine.
Diving with the accessory is not recommended as the manufacturer does not guarantee this possibility with the IPX4. However, it is interesting to note that the headset was not damaged in the adventure.

Beats Studio Buds Drums

The headphones have a battery life of 8 hours, or 24 hours with the case charge. However, noise cancellation may shorten the duration of use. The manufacturer estimates that with noise cancellation, the battery life is 5 hours for the headphones and 15 hours for the case charge.
Beats Studio Buds can be recharged using a USB-C cable, and it is very fast. The manufacturer guarantees 1 hour of sound with five minutes of charging, which has been confirmed in my experience.

Beats Studio Buds Connectivity


Beats Studio Buds Connectivity
Beats Studio Buds Connectivity
The Beats Studio Buds are compatible with Android phones, other Bluetooth enabled devices and computers. However, the best experience is with Apple devices. The accessory can be paired with the Apple Watch for maximum compatibility.
In our tests, I found that switching between Apple devices was not as smooth as I would have liked. The Powerbeats Pro handled this better, as it simply asks if you want to “bring” the headphones to it when you open the device.

Beats Studio Buds Price and Competitors

Beats Studio Buds are the latest addition to the Beats by Dre lineup, and they’re already generating a lot of buzz online. If you’re looking to buy a pair, you might be wondering how much they cost. Here’s a look at the current prices of Beats Studio Buds online.

Beats Studio Buds are currently available in two colors: red and white. The red buds are priced at $199.99, while the white buds are priced at $229.99.

You can purchase Beats Studio Buds directly from the Beats by Dre website. However, you’ll also find them available for purchase from a variety of other retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

At the time of this writing, Amazon has the best deal on Beats Studio Buds. You can currently purchase the red buds for $159.99, and the white buds for $189.99. That’s a savings of $40 off the retail price for the red buds, and $40 off the retail price for the white buds.

If you’re looking for the best deal on Beats Studio Buds, Amazon is currently the place to shop. However, prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check a variety of retailers before making your purchase.