Belkin Boost Charge Review, Best Battery for iPhone

Belkin Boost Charge is a battery pack for smartphones: it can charge smartphones, tablets or other devices with only one small but fundamental difference with most other batteries on the market: it uses the Lightning connector (2.4 A) for charging.

A small difference if you have a large and capacious backpack, but which becomes large if you have to optimize space and equipment in tow: let's see why.

Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone

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  • Belkin Boost Charge, the review

    The wheel of cables

    Let's move on to the hot spot of the battery: its use on the go. The USB-A connector allows you to charge almost anything you can think of: we used it with an iPhone 8, an iPhone XS, an iPad 2018, with a TOMTOM Via 53 navigator and a Fitbit Inspire HR.

    More generally, having the right cable, you can charge anything that is drive-over from a USB-A connector (12W / 2.4A), so almost everything you can think of, limited to medium and small things.

    Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone

    The right cable, here is the point: unlike many more common battery packs, which use a MicroUSB cable to recharge energy and then a Lightning cable to charge the iPhone (having to carry two cables for the two uses), here the There is only one cable, not included in the package, but now quite common and present in all iPhone and iPad packages (with the exception of the iPad Pro, which use USB-C).

    The Lightning cable is the key: connected with the USB-A connector to the Mac and Lightning to the battery charges the latter, while if used in reverse with the USB-A connector to the battery and Lightning to the iPhone it charges the smartphone.

    In practice, a cable for two uses: if you find a very short one, it is also more convenient because it fits in your pocket.

    Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone With a small Lightning cable the battery becomes even more functional and usable on the move

    An aesthetic that doesn't hurt

    Beyond the convenience in the use of a single cable for both functions, also the aesthetics of the battery, not fundamental but still valid of note, says his, like almost all Belkin products.

    The shape is very similar to that of an iPhone 8, a few millimeters taller and almost twice as thick.

    The coating is in opaque black plastic, except for the upper part where the plastic becomes shiny and the activation button is located with four luminous LEDs that indicate the charge level: both connectors are present in the upper part, convenient for recharging the iPhone holding them both in hand.

    1 of 3 Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone


    In the charging tests we used both the Apple Lightning cable (the one included with the iPhone), and other Lightning and MicroUSB cables, noting a certain resistance of the USB-A connector.

    At full charge, the battery charged an iPhone 8 twice fully, eventually showing a small residual charge for emergencies, but it also managed to charge a 9.7-inch iPad without any problems, as well as of course the other devices we named a beginning of the article, although with the Fitbit Inspire HR from time to time we had to reactivate the charge.

    The button located at the top has a double effect: it is convenient because we can at any time understand the remaining battery charge, on the other hand it is necessary to activate it (and turn on the battery) before charging anything, when instead it could be noticed by only for the eventuality and leave independently.

    Recensione Belkin Boot Charge, la migliore batteria per iPhone


    For being a Belkin Boost Charge battery pack it offers undoubted advantages for those who have an iPhone, in particular for the double use of the Lightning cable and for the double (and more) charging capacity of a smartphone.

    In your bag it fits very well and basically if you have a jacket it also fits well in the inside pocket, next to an iPhone or even alone.

    The aesthetics are well taken care of, as is Belkin tradition, although this is not a fundamental aspect, but it is a pleasure because the attentive eye of those accustomed to the iPhone should never be underestimated.

    Pro : • The Lightning connector for charging is very convenient • Excellent battery seal for its size

    Cons : • The use of the button is a bit redundant

    Price : 39.99 Euro

    Belkin Boost Charge is distributed in Italy by Attiva and is available in all Apple Premium Resellers in Italy or in specialized stores in black and white, but it is also available online.