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Best Antivirus – May 2022: Free, Paid, Online, for Android and for Mac

Our list of the best antivirus updated in May 2022.

  • Bitdefender Total Security 2022
  • Norton 360 Deluxe 2022
  • Kaspersky Total Security 2022
  • McAfee Total Protection 2022

What is the best antivirus ? If you have a minimum of computer knowledge or you have found yourself dealing with malicious software , such as viruses or malware, perhaps you have asked yourself this question. Since we live in a world where digital life is increasingly important, it is good to reiterate that keeping data and hardware safe is something that everyone should do. Since the dawn of operating systems (in particular Windows ) there have been antivirus software , i.e. capable of identifying any threats IT . In this review we wanted to collect the best antivirus that you can use to have a degree of protection sufficient to use your computer in relative safety.

We leave you to our list of the best antivirus :

  • Best free antivirus
  • Best paid antivirus
  • Best Mac antivirus
  • Best online antivirus
  • Best Android antivirus

If you are looking for the best free antivirus software for PC, we have compiled for you the ones that we and the main authoritative sources online can be considered reliable and that do not weigh too much on hardware resources.

Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free being a free version does not include all the features reserved for paid versions such as privacy protection and all secure payment tools. In any case, it is easy to use and guarantees effective protection without too many words. With Kaspersky trojans and viruses, the minutes are numbered! However, considering the cheapness of the paid packages and the tons of additional features, you might really want to consider the upgrade. You can find it available on the official website.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus in its latest edition has updated the interface and added an automatic gaming mode (reduces the system load when starting a game that requires a lot of resources). It also offers a password manager. The only flaw, unfortunately it is not very fast and the pop-up issue should be resolved. Download it from here.

Avira Free Antivirus

Identified by an umbrella on a red background, Avira is one of the historical antivirus for Windows. The new version is among the best ever made, with a neat and feature-rich interface that at the same time remains relatively light on resources. Available on the official website.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

A decidedly very valid alternative is Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, which offers scanning and removal of viruses and malware, active protection in real time, antiphising web filter to prevent theft of sensitive data, anti-fraud system to recognize scam sites (online casinos, pornographic sites , loan programs and others) and even a password manager. Available on the official website.


Even AVG isn't bad at all. In terms of protection and database of threats it has nothing to envy to the other software listed here. Perhaps it is a bit heavier, but the interface is on average more refined and intuitive. The free version is more than enough to add a good degree of protection to your PC as it includes: blocking viruses, spyware and malware, checking mail attachments , downloaded files and links, system performance monitors, as well as real-time updates. If you have a relatively powerful PC, we recommend that you give it a try. Download it from here.

Windows Defender

The antivirus that arrives integrated on Windwos 10 closes this review. This is the basic solution which, running in the background, keeps the PC safe from the most serious and important threats. Obviously it is completely free, but it is not as complete as dedicated software. In fact, the scan is not promptly effective against 100% of threats. Using Windows Defender is therefore recommended only to the expert user who does not need the most powerful of protections (do not rely only on this tool on the PCs of less accustomed to technology). You can access this function of Windows 10 by opening the settings (Win + I), clicking on “Update and security” and then on “Windows Defender”.

If you are willing to spend a small portion of your savings to protect your PC and secure your data on it, below you will find the best paid antivirus for Windows.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Currently Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus on the market as it stands out both for its services and for its highly competitive price. In addition to its free version (previously seen), Bitdefender also offers three feature-rich paid packages worthy of interest.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus : Offers unprecedented web protection, Safepay banking transaction protection, password manager and vulnerability scanner (check for device security updates or patches) .

Bitdefender Internet Security : with the Internet Security package you will also have a firewall, an antispam filter and parental control to protect the youngest members of the family.

Bitdefender Total Security : the Bitdefender Total Security package offers tons of maintenance tools for PC / Mac or smartphone / iPhone / Android.

All the links for purchasing the above versions are available below.

Avira Antivirus

An antivirus of the historical ones, especially for its free version (already seen previously) which is among the best currently available. As for its paid version, we have Avira Prime, a real toolbox as it really includes all the security tools you might need today. What should not be underestimated is its compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS . Furthermore Avira Prime includes not only virus protection but also password manager, VPN, and system optimization. Given the widespread use of Mac devices, a version of Avira Security created specifically for Apple machines is now available .

Norton Antivirus

The Norton name has always been synonymous with reliability and efficiency. There are four paid versions on the market that offer a lot of features:

Norton Antivirus Plus : This version of Norton offers an intelligent firewall, a first level navigation protection system, a PC maintenance utility, 2 GB of cloud backup and a VPN.

Norton 360 Standard : compared to the previous version it offers integrated VPN, 10 GB of cloud backup and mobile app for Android and iOS.

Norton 360 Deluxe : if you need an antivirus to protect multiple devices, this version of Norton could be for you, in fact it is capable of protecting up to five devices with the addition of parental controls.

Norton 360 Premium : if the previous versions were not enough, the ideal would be to opt for Norton 360 Premium which basically does not add any functionality, but enhances many of the services already offered by the previous versions (protects up to 10 devices and offers a whopping 75 GB of cloud backup).

Purchase the version you like best from the following links.


Kaspersky is an antivirus that goes straight to the point: fast scans and great anti-malware functionality. There are three paid versions on the market:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus : this is the basic package. Provides coverage for five Windows PCs with a focus on security fundamentals. In some ways, it offers less functionality than the competition, but as they say, in the small barrel there is good wine.

Kaspersky Internet Security : with this version, Kaspersky takes a huge step forward thanks to the intelligent firewall associated with a secure browser to manage banking transactions. An optimal solution for Windows PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Kaspersky Total Security : it is the spearhead. This release adds a password manager, parental control, and automated local backup mechanism to the services. Considering these extra features, the value for money of this package proves to be excellent.

Choose the version of your interest through the links below.

Avast Antivirus

The paid versions of Avast boast numerous additional features compared to the famous and historic free version proposed by the company.

Premium Security : Offers effective Ransomware Shield, comprehensive anti-phishing protection, secure browser, password manager, file shredder, and even a system to scan for vulnerabilities on the Wi-Fi network . A highly configurable and very reliable antivirus.

Avast Ultimate : this version offers the same features as the previous one with some more gear. Adds a VPN and a password manager.

Purchase links are available below.


McAfee is a veteran of the antivirus community. Unfortunately, there are no free versions for McAfee Antivirus (there is only a thirty day free trial). McAfee Total Protection offers 360 ° protection as it detects and rejects all recurring threats: viruses and various malware such as ransomware, spyware, adware. In addition, this version offers an excellent VPN (for browsing incognito) and a password manager (ideal for saving credentials in a safe and secure way). Important thing not to be underestimated, is its compatibility with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS .

Panda Dome

The paid versions of Panda Dome boast numerous additional features compared to the famous free version proposed by the company. Antivirus and antimalware solutions to protect all your devices.

Panda Dome Essential : offers effective antivirus and firewall for Windows, plus real-time protection for MAC and Android. Free VPN (150MB / day) and Wi-Fi hacker protection. Do not miss the scan of external devices to prevent infections.

Panda Dome Advanced : in addition to the previous version we have parental controls for Windows (monitors and limits the use of the device by minors), protection of the identity for online shopping and browsing, and protection against advanced cyber threats and attacks.

Panda Dome Complete : compared to previous versions we have total protection of personal data, the generator of unique and strict passwords, and cleanup (removal of files that slow down PC performance).

Panda Dome Premium : this latest version has everything, really everything you need to have top protection. We also have Premium VPN (unlimited, secure and private Internet browsing), update management (keeps your PC operating system up to date) and technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each version is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3 or above) macOS 10.10 or above, iOS 10.3 or above, Android 4 or above.

Below you will find the li nk for purchase.

If you have a Mac and want to protect your device with a “specific” and not broad spectrum antivirus, Intego and Mackeeper are for you.


For a long time, lovers of Apple devices have lived under the illusion that Macs do not receive malware. Unfortunately, it's an urban legend, which is why there are cybersecurity companies like Intego that are solely concerned with protecting Apple users. Assuming that it is not the cheapest solution on the market, this product represents the right compromise if you want a specific and high quality antivirus. This is the Intego proposal:

Mac Internet Security X9 : antivirus and security for Mac

Mac Premium Bundle X9 : Complete protection and security for Mac (currently best-selling)

ContentBarrier Secure X9 : parental controls and security for Mac

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 : Mac Cleaner and security

Here are the links to purchase the above versions.


If you care about the security of your Mac , this antivirus could be for you. MacKeeper is a powerful anti-malware tool. Offers real-time protection, ransomware detection, anti-spyware, private VPN connection, disk cleanup, and performance optimization. It is much more than just security software! On the official website it will be possible for you to choose the MacKeeper plan that best suits your needs.

For the uninitiated, the Internet offers a number of online scanners that can be used on Windows. In this paragraph we have collected only the best ones, i.e. those that deserve to be used.


SafetyDetectives is a very reliable antivirus ready to analyze your device in real time. Since it is an online antivirus, unfortunately it does not support the search for complex malware but on the other hand it is excellent for detecting computer vulnerabilities. In this way, even if indirectly, it helps the device to repel any type of threat by detecting possible flaws in the system.


VirusTotal is currently one of the best antiviruses online and the reason is soon said. With this free web service you can easily check the reliability of any file or link. Furthermore, you can use it with the main browsers and operating systems. To take advantage of the services offered by this antivirus, simply connect to its official page.


An antivirus similar to VirusTotal is MetaDefender. The latter will allow you to scan links, files and IP addresses with the aim of verifying their reliability. Once scanned, the file will be subjected to further analysis and verification. Specifically, the first file to be judged “non-threatening” must pass a series of tests spread over several steps (Metascan, Sandbox Threat Score, Community Insight). Only a positive result at each test would prove the reliability of the file. As with other antivirus, this too can be reached via the official website.

F-Secure Online Scanner

Perfect for scanning your PC at any time is the F-Secure Online Scanner online antivirus. It is a comprehensive antivirus that can detect any virus or other similar threats. Easy to use and perfect for periodic scans. Accessible via official website.

Eset Online Scanner

Another popular online antivirus is Eset Online Scanner, perfect for periodic scans of your PC. Specifically, Eset Online Scanner is able to check every sensitive area of ​​the system with the intent of detecting possible threats and removing them. This antivirus can be reached via the official website.

As far as the mobile sector is concerned, the best antivirus are those present in this paragraph.

Avast Mobile Security

One of the most comprehensive Android antivirus available on the Play Store is Avast Mobile Security . What exactly does it do? It is able to scan all the apps on the device (both smartphone and tablet). Furthermore, we have the security check on the Wi-Fi connection and on the new apps (to verify their reliability and protect privacy). Obviously, there is its Premium version for those who want more protection and less advertising!

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Even Bitdefender Antivirus Free does not disappoint with its mobile version. What does it offer? The bare minimum to secure your smartphone (check for malware on the device). Obviously you can find it on the Play Store and it is easily downloadable / installable.

Norton 360

Norton has also played its part in the mobile antivirus industry. The basic version includes: device security, blocking suspicious apps and possibly malicious websites and scanning for Wi-Fi networks. Again we have an additional paid version with more features like a VPN and Dark Web monitoring. Available on Play Store.

All the products described may undergo changes in price and availability over time, so we always advise you to check these parameters before purchasing.


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