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Best Bluetooth Headsets – March 2022

Our guide to buying the best Bluetooth headsets (true wireless and more) for March 2022.

The disappearance of the audio jack from an increasing number of smartphones is radically changing the habits of users, who increasingly aim for wireless headphones to be able to listen to music on the go. For this reason, the demand for Bluetooth headsets is becoming more frequent, and consequently the possibilities of choosing among the many proposals offered by the various manufacturers are increasing.

Identifying the best Bluetooth headsets is not, however, easy: our guide is born from this need, which helps you to understand the main aspects to be taken into account and to discover the most interesting solutions proposed. on Amazon or in Unieuro, MediaWorld and Euronics stores.

Furthermore, if you are looking for larger products with greater sound quality, we have created a purchase guide dedicated to Bluetooth headphones , accessible at the following address:

  • Best Bluetooth headphones

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If you want to search for the best Bluetooth headsets on Amazon , Unieuro , MediaWorld or Euronics ), the lists you find below can give you valuable help. The products are organized by price range and are mainly true wireless, but we have reserved sections for the models for sports , Bluetooth headsets with cable and a small selection for the best models for iPhone .

  • Best Cheap Bluetooth Earphones
  • Best Bluetooth headsets under € 100
  • Best Bluetooth headsets under € 150
  • Best top-of-the-range Bluetooth headsets
  • Best Bluetooth headsets for iPhone
  • Best Bluetooth headsets sports
  • Best Bluetooth headsets with cable

The list of cheap Bluetooth headsets could be very long, as can be understood by taking a quick tour of the appropriate categories on the Amazon, Unieuro, MediaWorld or Euronics sites. Those looking for a low-priced product that nevertheless ensures good quality both in terms of construction and sound, still has some interesting options to choose from.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

With such a cheap cost, the quality / price ratio of these Xiaomi earphones is truly unbeatable: they have Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, 12 hours autonomy and decent sound quality, in relation to the cost. They also have acceptable microphones, especially in low-noise conditions.

Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds

These true wireless earphones brought to Italy by Honor are a valid alternative for those who want AirPods style headphones but have little budget available. With a cost of just over € 30, they are a valid choice for reliability and ease of use: there is no shortage of Bluetooth 5.0 and resistance to dust and liquids, with IP54 certification. The autonomy is about 5 hours and also the microphones in call are not bad: difficult to ask for more for this price.

  • REVIEW : Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds

We always remain in the relatively cheap range of the market, but we make a small qualitative leap: in the range between € 50 and € 100, in fact, they are among the best products for those looking for a reliable product but without too many advanced features.

Creative Outlier Air V3

The Creative Outlier Air V3 are by far the best earphones for sound quality in this price range (around 60 €). Besides sounding good, they also have a good companion app, features of Active Noise Reduction and Ambient sound and decent microphones.

And then there is the infinite autonomy, up to 10 hours on a single charge. A very successful pair of earphones, especially dedicated to those who want the highest possible audio quality without spending too much.

  • REVIEW : Creative Outlier Air V3

LG Tone Free FN4

LG Tone Free FN4 are an excellent alternative for those looking for true wireless earphones without spending a fortune: with a list cost of only € 69 and often at a discount, they are among the best choices in quality / price ratio.

Great sound quality, full app, mode Ambient Sound , automatic Play / Pause with proximity sensors, good microphones and autonomy of about 6 hours: a complete solution at an affordable price.

  • REVIEW : LG Tone Free FN4

Jabra Elite 3

They are the first earphones cheap of Jabra, a company specializing in audio devices that until recently had dedicated itself only to the high-end of the market. With the Elite 3, Jabra confirms that it knows how to do it: they are excellent earphones, very comfortable to wear, with good audio quality, excellent Transparency mode and physical buttons, very comfortable to click.

  • REVIEW : Jabra Elite 3

Anker Soundcore Life P3

The Life P3 are the latest mid-range earphones from Soundcore, Anker's audio brand that has always stood out for its excellent quality / price ratio.

They have good audio quality, a really comprehensive companion app, ANC and transparency modes, good microphones and even support wireless charging, all at a very affordable price.

  • REVIEW : Soundcore Life P3

OnePlus Buds

The OnePlus Buds are the first true wireless earphones of the company, which convince for the excellent quality / price ratio and are proposed as one of the best alternatives to AirPods for Android.

If you don't like in-ear headphones with rubber, at an economic price you take home headphones with good sound quality, excellent autonomy and good microphones. Particularly suitable for those with OnePlus smartphones, not recommended for those with iPhones (the official app is missing); for all other Android devices, the reference app is called HeyMelody.

  • REVIEW : OnePlus Buds

Nothing ear (1)

The Nothing ear (1) are a sought-after product, which immediately stands out for the transparent design . But going beyond the aesthetic aspect we find excellent earphones, with good audio quality, ANC and transparency mode, automatic play / pause and a discreet companion app.

  • REVIEW : Nothing ear (1)

You just need to barely exceed the € 100 threshold to find some of the best true wireless earphone models ever. In fact, even without spending a fortune, it is possible to have headphones that have all the credentials to accompany us for years of listening.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The new Galaxy Buds 2 are among the best true wireless earbuds available on the market: they boast good audio quality, good microphones, lots of smart features and even have active noise cancellation.

They are light and comfortable, extremely balanced: they boast a few more gems when paired with a Samsung smartphone, but they are compatible with all Android devices (but not with iPhone).

  • REVIEW : Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Jabra Elite 75T

Absolutely among the best completely wireless Bluetooth headsets: they are small and very comfortable , have excellent sound quality, excellent microphones and a good active noise cancellation (ANC) system.

They can be connected to two devices at the same time , have IP55 waterproofing and a range of 10 meters, are compatible with the Jabra Sound + app and support all voice assistants (not only Google Assistant and Siri, but also Amazon Alexa). The autonomy is 7 and a half hours, extendable up to 28 hours by recharging them with the appropriate case.

  • REVIEW : Jabra Elite 75t

Huawei FreeBuds Pro

They look a bit like Apple's AirPods Pro, but have a lot of little goodies to offer. They are really well built, have IPX4 certification, autonomy of about 4 hours (+20 additional hours with the case) and, above all, excellent active noise cancellation (ANC), among the best ever.

In addition, they really have incredible quality in call , thanks to the bone sensor that picks up the vibrations of the voice and filters out external noises.

  • REVIEW : Huawei FreeBuds Pro

OnePlus Buds Pro

OnePlus' new earbuds are really Pro : these are also reminiscent of Apple's AirPods Pro (especially for the control system, based on the squeeze the dipstick), but they cost much less and they defend well. They are very comfortable, have good sound quality (with a bass imprint) and a very good ANC. Plus, both the earbuds and case resist splashes.

  • REVIEW : OnePlus Buds Pro

Without price limits, the crème de la crème of the true wireless earphones, the ones that always work fine.

Sony WF-1000XM4

A product that can be considered at the top of the top range Bluetooth headsets. With the brand new model of the WF-1000X line, Sony adopts a completely new design but maintains the usual excellences: audio quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) , really at the highest level.

The internal drivers are 6 mm and, thanks also to the new V1 processor, ensure a very high level audio quality, with adjustable equalizer at will thanks to the Sony Headphones app. Also noteworthy is the presence of smart functions such as Speak-to-chat and integrated support for Amazon Alexa. With the new M4 version it also reaches splash resistance (IPX4 certification) and improves autonomy, which reaches 8 hours with ANC, extendable to 24 hours total by recharging them with the included case.

  • REVIEW : Sony WF-1000XM4

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung's latest model of true wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro, are certainly among the best true wireless earbuds ever when it comes to sound quality.

And then they work very well: they have noise cancellation , strong resistance to liquids (IPX7) and everything you can ask for from the latest generation smart earphones. Infin and, their “hybrid” design could also appeal to those who don't love in-ear headphones too much.

  • REVIEW : Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Jabra Elite 85t

A direct evolution of the Elite 75t, the Jabra Elite 85t are one of the best true wireless earphones ever.

The audio quality is great, the noise cancellation works well, the earbuds can be connected to two devices simultaneously, and the Jabra Sound + app offers many interesting features and customizations. In addition, the semi-open design will also appeal to those who don't appreciate in-ear models too much.

  • REVIEW : Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

In addition to the aforementioned Elite 85t, this year Jabra has produced another top-of-the-range model, the Elite 7 Pro.

They're a great pair of headphones, with good audio quality, noise cancellation and everything you'd expect from top-of-the-line headphones – but what they really stand out for is the quality of the microphones.

  • REVIEW : Jabra Elite 7 Pro

The models listed so far are all excellent true wireless earphones and all (unless otherwise indicated) work fine even with iPhone, thanks to the special dedicated apps.

However, those who are inside the Apple ecosystem (and have no problem spending a little) should aim for headphones produced by the apple company, which are always better integrated with iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods (3rd gen)

They certainly need no introduction, being the most famous and popular Bluetooth headsets in the world. The all-new, third generation has taken all the excellence of Apple's earphones and brought it to a new design, while also introducing spatial audio, adaptive equalizer, liquid resistance and Force Touch controls (in the style of AirPods Pro).

  • REVIEW : AirPods (3rd gen)

Apple AirPods (2nd gen)

For those who prefer the old design (and maybe want to save a little), the previous generation of AirPods is still on sale and always remains excellent: as always, the AirPods give the best connected to iPhones and other Apple products and stand out for the goodness of the microphones.

REVIEW : AirPods (2nd gen)

Apple AirPods Pro

Like AirPods, better than AirPods. This true wireless model enhances the sound quality of Apple's earphones, while also adding active sound cancellation . The format is a particular type of in-ear with interchangeable rubber pads, the body is resistant to sweat and water. Do not miss the support for Siri and the case is compatible with wireless charging.

  • REVIEW : AirPods Pro

Powerbeats Pro

The Beats brand has been acquired by Apple for some time, so the products of the well-known headphone company are certainly among the most suitable for pairing with iPhones, thanks above all to the Apple H1 chip. In this case, the Powerbeats Pro are a particular choice for those who want sports Bluetooth headphones, able to combine good sound quality with excellent stability in the ears. There is no shortage of microphone, volume controls and waterproofness. The autonomy is 9 hours.

Beats Fit Pro

In our review we defined the brand new Beats as AirPods Pro with the flap : the Beats Fit Pro, in fact, have all the features of the AirPods Pro (noise cancellation, adaptive equalizer, spatial sound and so on), but have a design with flexible flap that makes them particularly suitable for sports (while keeping them “less bulky” than Powerbeats Pro).

  • Beats Fit Pro Review

Beats Flex

The cheapest headphones made in Apple you can buy: with a cost of only 60 € , you take home some headphones with Apple W1 chip (the same as the first AirPods), which automatically connects the headphones to all devices connected via iCloud.

The Beats Flex are corded, effortless earphones featuring bass-oriented sound and enough microphones to call.

  • REVIEW : Beats Flex

Those looking for earphones exclusively for playing sports may need special features: firstly, resistance to splashes (to avoid problems with sweat), but also more.

Bose SoundSport Wireless

Designed specifically for sport (as the name suggests), these headphones have a rubber cable that connects the two earphones and “fins” to secure them well to the ears. Obviously they resist splashes, have an autonomy of about 6 hours and a handy zip pouch to carry them around.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

One of the most curious products on the list, but no less interesting. The Trekz Titanium are bone conduction Bluetooth headsets and represent a valid alternative to the solutions seen so far, especially for sports use. They allow you to listen to sounds through vibrations, thus leaving the auricle free to hear everything that happens around the user, such as traffic or other people's speeches. The structure is light and waterproof, has physical controls and also integrates a microphone. Autonomy is 6 hours for playback.

  • REVIEW : AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

Although the true wireless models are the most fashionable, there are those who still prefer the Bluetooth headphones “with cable”, those that have the wire that connects the two earphones.

It is always convenient to be able to hang them around your neck like a necklace (and, proportionately, they cost a lot less).

Sony Wi-C310

If you are looking for a pair of wireless earphones with the headband that connects the two headphones, perhaps a model without too much effort, probably the Sony Wi-C310 will suit you. The cost is quite small, but they are Bluetooth headphones with 9 mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 and autonomy of 15 hours (with support for fast charging). In addition, the two earphones are dated with magnets (they stick together to avoid tangles during transport), the microphone is of good quality and there is no lack of the classic three-button remote control.

All the products described may undergo changes in price and availability over time, therefore we always advise you to check these parameters before 'purchase.


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The first step from which to start in order to choose your new Bluetooth headsets wisely is to understand the main use you want to make of them. For those who simply need devices for listening to music during their daily movements, the opportunities are endless, while those who want greater sound quality or are looking for products to use during the sports activities must take into account more stringent parameters.

In any case, there are features common to all headsets that can be easily compared and that provide a good overview of the quality offered. Here are the ones we have taken into consideration most carefully, trying to establish parameters that are easy to understand for a large number of users.

  • Design : the aesthetic and structural aspect already makes it possible to make an important division between the various types of earphones on the market, most of which are in-ear or earbuds. Among these it is then necessary to further distinguish between those true wireless , completely wireless (now most) and those that have collars or other connections between the two earphones. In addition, you must also pay attention to the quality of the materials and other additional features, especially the waterproofness for Bluetooth sports headphones.
  • Technology : despite being small products, the differences on a technical level are by no means negligible. We are not just talking about driver sizes or impedance values, but also about the number of microphones, audio amplification technologies and noise canceling systems (ANC). Not to mention still quite innovative headphones, such as those that adopt bone conduction.
  • Compatibility : most products included in our lists have a very wide compatibility, thanks to updated Bluetooth versions (5.0 and higher) and good hardware quality. Some of the best Bluetooth headsets also feature support for aptX codecs. Do not forget the compatibility with smartphone apps, which often add other controls for audio adjustment.
  • Autonomy : this parameter is fundamental for Bluetooth headsets, since it represents the true Achilles heel for some models. Having a good battery life can often make a difference for those who use their earphones a lot, but fast charging support or charging cases can also offer valuable help.
  • Functionality : Thanks to the high competition in the market, wireless earphones are now full of interesting features. In addition to support for voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa), we often also find active noise cancellation (ANC), automatic play / pause when wearing or removing and many features available from the smartphone application, such as personalization equalizer, fit tests and much more.