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Best TVs – May 2022: Guide for Price and Inches

Our list of the best TVs updated in May 2022.

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1
  • Xiaomi Smart TV P1E
  • Hisense 43AE7000F
  • Samsung TV Crystal UHD 4K
  • Samsung Q60A Series
  • Samsung Business TV
  • Philips The One
  • Sony Bravia OLED KE-55A8P
  • Sony BRAVIA KE-65XH90P
  • Samsung TV Neo QLED
  • LG OLED83C14LA

The list above is not to be considered exhaustive, but is just an example of the best of the best, which you will find detailed below. The television is in fact one of the most sought after and most requested products by all Italians. For this reason, trying to make order among all the choices that are currently on the market is certainly a complex but interesting operation. We have therefore chosen to create a list of the best TVs available in 2022 , dividing them by type of functionality, technology and above all by price range , so that you can find the perfect TV for your pocket.

This list has been created by choosing the products that you will most easily find in shopping centers and on websites, so that the choices we propose also reflect those that you will then actually find on sale. Below you will find the index of the best TVs divided by price .

We leave you to our list of the best TVs , divided into the following categories:

  • Best Cheap TVs ( up to € 300)
  • Best Mid-Range TVs (up to € 500)
  • Best High-end TV (up to € 1,000)
  • Best Top-of-the-range TVs (over € 1,000)
  • Best HDR TVs
  • Best LED TVs
  • Best 8K TVs
  • Best Android TVs
  • Best Wall TVs

If you are looking for a cheap TV that fully satisfies your lives, in this paragraph you will surely find the right product for you.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1

This Xiaomi branded smart TV comes with a frameless design for a unique viewing experience. In addition, it boasts a 32 “panel with HD Ready resolution and LED technology . smart you can't! We have Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi . The DVB-T2 tuner for the latest generation digital terrestrial. It integrates the operating system Android 9.0 and has native access to all major streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Prime Video. In addition, the Google Assistant will always be at your disposal. To move the device we find a CA53 Quad-core processor combined with a Mali 470 GPU . Also good is the 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. Intuitive Bluetooth remote control included.

Sharp Aquos 32BC6E

This 32 “TV (maximum resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels) marked Sharp , has a simple and minimalist design. , it does not have much to envy to other more expensive devices. We are talking about a smart TV of all respect, sold at a truly competitive price on the market. Integrated audio systems made by Harman Kardon, there will ensure a truly immersive audio experience. You can finally say goodbye to blurry and blurry images thanks to Active Motion. But what really makes the difference? The powerful processor and the LCD display . Perfect for sports, film and action. A really cool product, easy to use and mount (wall mount).

Sharp Aquos 32DC6E

This Sharp branded TV boasts a 32 “HD screen. A model with a simple and minimalist design. Like all Sharp TVs, this one is also equipped with a Harman Kardon integrated sound system ready to give you a cinematic audio experience. Furthermore, by connecting your smart TV to your home network, you can enjoy movies and TV series through the Netflix app or watch videos of the moment on YouTube. A quality TV sold at an affordable price. We recommend it.

Xiaomi Smart TV P1E

This model is very similar to the previous one but a few more gear starting from the screen, a beautiful 55 “ panel with 4K resolution , LED technology , 60Hz refresh rate and HDR support. Plus, you can enjoy maximum entertainment thanks to Android TV. Realistic images with more detail and greater depth, all at a price very affordable.

Hisense AE7000F

The models of the Hisense AE7000F series have pretty good technical characteristics for the price at which they are offered. In particular, these are LED panels with resolution 4K Ultra HD with HDR 10+ and Dolby DTS support. In addition to having all the smart features of the Hisense system, they also have compatibility with the voice commands of Amazon Alexa.

Below you will find all the best mid-range TVs currently on sale. These are products with an excellent quality / price ratio equipped with all the basic comforts and more.

Samsung TV UE43AU7190UXZT

This Samsung branded screen is currently one of the best-selling products on Amazon. We are talking about one 43 “ smart TV with 4K resolution. It comes with a simple and ultra-slim design; the Slim Fit wall mount, very easy to mount, will allow your TV to adhere perfectly to the wall in order to blend harmoniously with the environment. Thanks to the Adaptive Sound , the sound will be optimized according to what you are watching, all to ensure you a unique audio experience. LED technology will bring you amazing brightness and images.

Samsung TV UE43AU8070UXZT

This Samsung-branded 43 “ LED TV boasts a 4K resolution and comes with a simple, minimalist design. Thank you at Adaptive Sound the sound will be optimized according to what you are watching, all to offer you perfect sound in every scene. The Dynamic Crystal Color will guarantee you brilliant colors and real and crystal clear images. TV is designed to receive the new digital terrestrial 2.0.

LG NanoCell 43NANO756PR

The Real 4K resolution , combined with the NanoCell technology, offers an unparalleled 4K experience. Pure colors, combined with the advanced technologies of LG NanoCell TVs, will give you an immersive and extraordinary vision for an authentic cinematic experience. The elegant and minimalist shapes of this TV will give beauty and elegance to any environment. The new remote control (included) has been redesigned with an ergonomic and handy design and a pointing and scrolling system for faster searching. A quality product sold at an unbeatable price .

Samsung QLED Q60A 2021

The new Samsung QLED Q60A 2021 are smart TVs with QLED panel, equipped with the new technologies Quantum Dot and Quantum HDR , with which the color balance is adjusted. In addition, we have the new processor Quantum 4K Lite , substantially faster and more responsive than the previous edition, obviously compatible with all video streaming services and apps, as well as with the most well-known voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

Below you will find all the best high-end TVs currently on sale. If you are looking for a quality TV and don't have budget problems, in this paragraph you will surely find the right product for you.

LG 65UP75006LF

As for the technical characteristics, this TV boasts a Quad Core 4K processor that not only ensures speed in navigation, but also takes care of the image quality, eliminating noise and ensuring more vivid contrasts. , even on content with a resolution other than 4K. In addition, it is equipped with the WebOS 6.0 operating system and the panel supports HDR. Do not miss the mode Filmaker Mode (automatically adjusts the image and its fluidity) and the functionality AI ThinQ (makes the TV smart thanks to the hub containing all streaming services, apps and related voice assistants).

Philips TV Ambilight 58PUS8505 / 12

This 58 “4K UHD TV comes with a simple and elegant design, and offers images of remarkable quality. Its sound is excellent, wide, clear, full of detail and deep. you will have intelligent voice control at your disposal. Are you looking for a great value quality / price product? Well, this TV from Philips Ambilight could do for you Your case. Great for movies, sports and video games.

Samsung Business Tv Series BET-H

This beautiful Samsung branded TV comes with an elegant and very modern design. The model in question will offer you a captivating and superior quality visual experience thanks to the HDR system and the UHD resolution . In addition, it is equipped with a second generation digital terrestrial tuner dvb-t2 / s2. It is definitely not the cheapest product in this guide, but if the budget is not an issue for you, we highly recommend it.

In this paragraph the price rises and with it the quality. Below you will find all the best top-of-the-range TVs of the moment. The cost of these products is remarkably high, but so is their quality. However, if you are looking for an excellent product regardless of its price, in this paragraph you will surely find the ideal TV.

Philips The One

Philips The One is a super complete TV with a very charming design. The model in question boasts a 70 “4K screen with HDR and Dolby Vision support. It integrates the Android TV system and directly supports the apps of the major streaming services In addition, the RGB LEDs of the smart Ambilight lighting system (on the back), will give you very pleasant effects on the surrounding walls.

Sony Bravia OLED KE-55A8P

The powerful processor of this 55 “ 4K OLED TV will reproduce spectacular images perfectly synchronized with the sound, all accompanied by a splendid One Slate design (the screen meets the edge of the TV ensuring greater immersion and less distraction). Since the screen also acts as a speaker, sound and images will be in perfect harmony ( Acoustic Surface Audio ). Thanks to Android TV you can Easily access your favorite content and services. If you are looking for a TV ready to give you a more realistic cinematic experience, this Sony branded model may be for you.


The product in question is a 65 “ TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution. It has an elegant and modern design, especially thanks to the thin aluminum frame . With separate lighting of some LED zones, Full Array LED will make bright spots brighter and dark ones even darker. This TV has been designed to provide a truly immersive and cinematic viewing experience. The ideal product for living the emotions of your favorite movies.


This beautiful QLED TV comes with a sophisticated and ultra-slim design, perfect for fully enjoying picture quality without sacrificing style. It is equipped with the new Mini LEDs, which control the light in dark or illuminated areas like never before, all to guarantee you a new level of brightness and contrast. Thanks to the HDR10 + technology you will have col richer and more intense golds, while thanks to the high quality of the dynamic tone mapping, you will have brighter and more detailed images. Perfect for cinema and gaming!


This LG branded TV is a great meeting point between a classic smart TV and a gaming monitor . We are talking about an excellent 83 “ OLED panel , 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), pixel dimming, 120 Hz, Dolby Vision IQ, 0.2 ms response time. basic audio output. The audio is managed by the usual 2.2-channel system for a total of 40 W. Even at half the maximum volume allowed, the speakers are heard great. They are not able to deliver particularly deep bass, but with the high and mid frequencies get along more than discreetly. It also supports Dolby Atmos . Buttons for quick access to Google Assistant and ad Alexa , very convenient if you have a minimum of home automation to manage at home. Finally, the panel is available in different sizes (from 48 “to 83”).

The one below is not to be considered an exhaustive product list! For more models and information we suggest you read our guide on the “best HDR TVs”, accessible by clicking on the title above.


This 32 “TV boasts a simple, elegant and refined design. The A53 CPU will guarantee you exceptional performance. Thanks to the HDR you will have high quality images. Do not underestimate the downward-facing speakers ready to give you a uniform sound and an immersive audio experience. Thanks to Android 11 you can access the Google Play Store that will allow you to download thousands of apps, games, movies, shows and popular music tracks. The ideal product to enjoy a movie experience. We highly recommend it.

Panasonic 32JS350

This 32 '' TV is equipped with numerous features: built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the most popular apps (compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube) and to the most popular voice assistants ( Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa ). In addition, you can change channels, adjust the volume or turn your TV on and off via voice control. You can also easily play your videos via USB Media Player. Compatibility HDR will ensure you deeper blacks, brighter whites and very dynamic images with high contrast. A small, simple, compact and above all economical TV. Considering that Panasonic has always been synonymous with quality and efficiency, without further ado, we recommend this product.

Sharp Aquos LC-32Bi6E

This TV comes with a simple and minimalist design and a very comfortable 32 “ panel. The Android TV user interface will offer you a rich and cinematic overview of apps and contents. In addition, thanks to the HDR you can enjoy more realistic and natural images, in terms of greater brightness and contrast. The integrated sound systems, made by Harman Kardon, will give you a real cinematic experience.

Below you will find just some of the best LED TVs! For more products and information we suggest you read our guide on the “best LED TVs”, accessible by clicking on the title above.

Sharp Aquos 24BB0E

This Sharp branded TV boasts a 24 “ LED screen with HD resolution. With this TV you will have better picture quality in both detail and depth of field. Furthermore, you can connect your digital audio and video devices, such as Blu-ray players, digital decoders or advanced consoles, but also your USB stick or external hard drive to the TV and enjoy music, videos and images directly on your TV screen There is also a integrated triple tuner to receive any TV or radio via DVB-T2 (antenna), DVB-C (cable) and DVB-S2 (satellite). Aesthetically simple and easy to install (wall mountable with VESA bracket ).

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S

Xiaomi Mi smart TV 4S boasts a LED panel of 43 “ and comes with a rather simple and linear design. It supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and Wi-Fi . Also here we find Android TV 9.0 which enables all smart features. Definitely not a cheap TV but boasts an excellent quality / price ratio.

Philips TV Ambilight 43PUS7805 / 12

This Philips TV boasts a 43 “UHD 4K screen with LED technology . Thanks to Dolby Atmos the audio will be wide, clear, full of details and deep, in short, just like in the cinema. The real gem of this TV is its image processor, the P5 Picture Engine . Finally, voice control and integrated Alexa will make using this TV as easy as possible.

Below you will find some of the best 8K TVs. For the rest of the products, we suggest you read our guide on the “best 8K TVs”, accessible by clicking on the title above.

SAMSUNG Neo QLED 8K QE65QN900A Stainless Steel 2021

This beautiful Samsung branded product is nothing more than a 65 '' QLED 8K smart TV . Like almost all more modern Samsung TVs, it boasts a simple yet elegant design. The panel is ultra-thin and borderless. The sound sector includes integrated speakers with an output power of 80 W. If you want to live an immersive experience just like at the cinema, spending a not excessively expensive sum, this is the product for you.


LG QNED Mini LED represents the definitive evolution of LED TVs. The state-of-the-art screen combines a Mini LED panel with NanoCell Quantum Dot technology to deliver an immersive TV experience in stunning 8K resolution . We are talking about an 86 “TV with a slim and elegant body. Thanks to the 30,000 Mini LEDs you will have clearer and brighter pictures. Dolby Vision IQ will intelligently adjust the picture settings according to the type of content and the surrounding environment. while Dolby Atmos will reproduce multidimensional surround sound.

In this paragraph there are some excellent Android TVs. In case you would like to expand your choice, we suggest our guide on the “best Android TVs”, accessible by clicking on the title above.

Sharp Aquos 32Di6E

This beautiful 32 “TV boasts a simple, elegant, modern and completely frameless design. The model in question integrates the Android TV system. L The user interface of Android TV will offer you a rich and cinematic overview of apps and content (tips, research and access to settings). Thanks to HDR you will have more realistic and natural images in terms of greater Brightness and contrast. Audio quality is also excellent. There is no shortage of Bluetooth, HDMI, USB slot and an SD card port. Being a product with an excellent quality / price ratio, we highly recommend it.

TCL 40S5200

Designed for those who don't want to compromise between elegance, picture quality and easy access to any content, this TCL branded TV boasts a 40 '' completely flat screen, lightweight construction and design contemporary. The thin frame will convey a touch of beauty and serenity, while the HDR will guarantee you brilliant images, with vivid colors and amazing details. With Dolby Audio you will get the maximum sound effect from your contents thanks to a dynamic surround sound and High quality. With Android TV , your favorite content will always be on top and within reach of your remote. Plus, Google Assistant will always be ready to help you with over 1 million actions.

TCL 50BP615

This TV comes with an ergonomic design that will allow you to place it really anywhere. It boasts a 50 “ panel with 4K resolution , LCD technology and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Thanks to the HDR technology, this TV will offer you excellent brilliance and images with intense and bright colors. Thanks to Android TV your favorite movies, TV series and games will always be at your disposal. a price that is really competitive on the market.

Below is a small selection of the best wall-mounted TVs. For the rest of the products we invite you to read our guide “best TVs to hang on the wall”, accessible by clicking on the title above.

Samsung The Frame 2020

One of the most popular Samsung series in the smart TV sector is the The Frame line, which includes perfect TVs from hang on the wall. The quality of the QLED panel of these smart TVs, with HDR support and Dual LED technology, is truly remarkable, but it is certainly not their strong point. In fact, what is surprising is undoubtedly the design, as it is inspired by the shape of a simple painting, which can hang on the wall and show splendid images of works of art when it is not in use as a TV. Furthermore, there are many smart integrations and features, such as Bixby support and Google Assistant.

Samsung The Frame 2021

This model is very similar to the previous one, but with some more gear. We're talking about one 43 “ smart TV . It boasts a 4K QLED panel, with HDR 10+ support and Quantum Dot technology. What is sure to amaze about this TV (as in the previous model) is its design inspired by the shape of a simple picture. Here too there are many Smart additions and features, such as Bixby support and Google Assistant. Perfect to hang on the wall .

Design : especially for large-sized TVs it is right that you also choose based on the design. A nice TV in the living room is certainly welcome.

Resolution : It is obviously very important to know if the TV is 8K, 4K (i.e. UHD) or Full HD.

Technology : there are various technologies that can be used and therefore it is important to understand and list them all (such as HDR and Quantum Dot).

Audio : since often those who buy a TV then use their speakers to listen to the audio of films (or games) this element is also important.

All the products described may undergo changes in price and availability over time, so we always advise you to check these parameters before purchasing.


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