Bit2Me wants you to hunt crypto on the street like in Pokémon Go!

Bit2Me wants you to hunt crypto on the street like in Pokémon Go!


Bit2Me's association with Axie Infinity had a clear objective: to enter the NFT market and, consequently, the metaverse. In some of those that swarm on the horizon of the new fashionable term. With the first achieved, the second was yet to come. Now, the exchange platform announces a alliance with the OVR metaverse to create a kind of Pokémon Go! or treasure hunt. “The agreement with OVR reflects Bit2Me's commitment to the development of the metaverse and web 3.0, we want to contribute to the development of a decentralized digital world, where the user is the center of everything that happens in this parallel universe”, says Koh Onozawa , CEO of B2M, in a statement

The goal is simple: hunt Bit2Me tokens in the augmented reality version of OVR; its own metaverse based on virtual reality and that already concentrates 675,000 users around the world. The proposal is to hunt down the tokens that the exchange platform launched in September 2021 in the form of an ICO to raise capital and grow without the need to resort to investors. The association with OVR is summed up, in this case, in chasing money for the metaverse they have created –with or without virtual reality glasses–; is, in short, a version very similar to Pokémon Go! A metaverse that also competes directly against those of Decentraland and Sandbox in sold land. In the case of OVR, a total of 1.6 billion hexes available for sale or rent.

In a replica equal to that of the planet – saving the distances, of course – the agreement between OVR and Bit2Me implies putting 150,000 B2M assets into play – today at a price of 0.032 euros in a falling market–. The Pokémon Go-style metaverse game! It is already active for European users with European nationality, and available until March 24. The players who manage to be in the first 10 places will have an additional prize of 500 dollars in B2M, in addition to the tokens that they have managed to hunt in that copy of the real world metaverse.

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Bit2Me, on the hunt for more users across the metaverse

The latest movements of Bit2Me, which only a few weeks ago received the approval of the Bank of Spain after months of tense relations, have gone directly to gain a larger platform of users through alliances based on gamification. The metaverse could not fail to be one of them.

The agreement with the metaverse of OVR supposes a gamification of the crypto world, yes, but it is also a claim to increase its lists. And the reason is simple: to manage the Pokemon Go! style token hunt, they will have to manage it through the Bit2Me wallet itself. In fact, to play metaverse treasure hunt you have to be registered in both applications and, if possible, with the same email.

OVR, running primarily on Ethereum, also allows an easy transition to Bit2Me's Wallet. That is, more users for the Spanish exchange and more options for your token to gain market positions.

The same thing happened with its association with Axie Infinity – the popular play to earn game that has conquered half the world. Becoming a partner for the management of NFT and crypto assets was opening the doors to a whole pool of users with potential. Mainly in Spanish speaking and heading to Latin America, a potential market for Bit2Me.

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