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Blocking stream ripping sites works – huge traffic loss in one year

The easiest way to get music illegally is by using websites for stream ripping : this practice essentially consists of download the audio track , often in low quality, from videos on the streaming platform (YouTube on all). Law enforcement is always hard at work trying to block these websites, and it seems that the blanking of the pages is working.

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However, blocking stream ripping websites does not make it impossible to access them : more experienced users could still browse these pages without problems, but a search for DcP (Digital Content Protection) highlights how the block still makes you lose almost all traffic. Important is the case of : after being obscured, the site went from 2.2 millions of daily accesses to practically almost none after twelve months . In general, three months after the blocking of these pages, there is a loss of 84.9% of users , a percentage that approaches 100% within twelve months.

In any case, music piracy has been steadily declining for many years now: music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music , which offer a huge catalog at an all-in price. overall affordable, they have lost interest in this illegal practice.

Via: DDay