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Chrome and Firefox make 100: is there a risk of a small Millennium bug?

In a few weeks Chrome and Firefox, two of the most popular web browsers in the world, will reach an important symbolic milestone with their hundredth build .

Both browsers will hit release a few weeks apart and this may not be good news for everyone. As we told you at the end of last year, the fact that the version of Chrome and Firefox go into three digits could imply problems for websites that rely on acknowledgments of the User Agent that do not support the three digits.

A recent report published on the Mozilla blog and on GitHub highlighted how some sites, some of which are very important and popular such as HBO Go , Bethesda and Yahoo , will incur in display problems on Chrome 100 and Firefox 100. It will be impossible to view the contents of the websites, with classic error messages .

As we described in the previous article that addressed the topic, there are methods to get around the problem while waiting for the sites in question to equip themselves to support a three-digit User Agent, such as example change the way in which the User Agent string is read: instead of reading the first two digits (which will be “blocked” at the value 99), the developers will have to read the next number at the point, which it will be number 100.

The release of Chrome 100 is scheduled for March 29 , while that of Firefox 100 will take place next May 3 . We will see if there are the problems described, which remind us, at least for the most experienced, the Millennium bug of a few years ago.

Street: Engadget