Chrome's dinosaur is now in full “Tokyo Olympics climate” (photos)

The Tokyo Olympics are really around the corner and also for the Chrome dinosaur , protagonist of the minigame that can be played when there is no internet connection, is no longer in the skin.

User Mr_Kris_ on Reddit has discovered that the minigame has been updated and during its run, the dinosaur will be able to collect an Olympic torch , the only color element of the game: once collected, the world will change and we will no longer find ourselves in a desert full of cacti, but in the middle of an Olympic discipline .

It is not clear how many Olympic sports are reproduced in the minigame: in the image below you can see the dinosaur riding a horse jumping over obstacles . At the game over, the phrase “ま た プ レ イ し て ね” will then be shown, a clear tribute to the Japan organizer of the Olympics which translates into “play again” . You can try the minigame at chrome: // dino , obviously only on Chrome browser.