Chrome's “site search” is one of its best features, but watch out for these changes

There may be interesting news about Chrome web search soon. Google, in fact, would be making a couple of changes in this sense, including the ways in which these shortcuts can be activated.

The first novelty consists in the automatic insertion of the query in the search function of a website. In the case of YouTube, for example, the user will be directed directly to the list of video results with that search term. The second change, however, consists in avoiding automatically adding new site search shortcuts to the Omnibox . Google has motivated this choice as follows: “In this way we will avoid confusing the user with search suggestions on the site that they may not use”.

The search shortcuts will continue to work, while adding new ones will become a manual process. The user, in fact, will have to access the Chrome settings and activate the shortcuts from there. These new features are not yet included in the stable version of Chrome (version 99).

Via: 9to5Google