Data stolen from 533 million Facebook users was made available at no cost

Just a few months ago we told you how, through an archive created by exploiting a flaw in the systems of Facebook in 2019, the data of over half a billion users, of which approximately 35 million from Italy, had been put up for sale through a bot by Telegram. Today that data was made available at no cost to anyone with the ability to find it in hacking forums.

Among the stolen data there would be phone numbers , Facebook ID , full names , locations , birthdays , biographies and, in some cases, email addresses . This involves a breach important in the trust granted by users to the social network, to which each of them entrusts their data, counting that they are protected and treated with discretion .

As things currently stand, the company of Zuckerberg can do very little with respect to those data, already extracted for some time. Facebook has announced that it has closed the flaw in question but, according to what The Verge reported, it seems that the company has no intention of communicating to interested users that they have been victims of this violation: to check if you have been involved in the data breach, we refer you to this article.