Discovering Chrome's new link sharing method, news also for the PDF reader (photo)

A few days ago we talked about the new Chrome update, related to version 90 and which is being distributed for desktop, Android and iOS. Now let's see two of the most interesting news.

The first involves the sharing of links via Chrome: as you can see from the examples in the gallery it will be possible to share links to a web page by embedding text , contained in the shared web page, from to highlight . This is certainly a great way to provide immediate information related to the link. As you can see from the screenshots below , the functionality is accessible via the contextual menu when selecting text in Chrome. The news is being rolled out for Chrome on Android and desktop , it will arrive later on iOS.

The other novelty concerns the PDF reader integrated in the browser: the image below shows the new contextual menu which allows access to the functionality to change the view of the pages, to access the thumbnails and the Presentation mode, as well as to document properties.

The novelty just described for the Chrome PDF reader should already be available to all users who have upgraded to Chrome 90 . We remind you that the update for Chrome is being distributed for everyone.