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DJI Avata: filtered the new drone to fly indoors

It's nothing official yet, but everything seems to indicate that DJI is working on a drone to fly indoors: DJI Avata. Yes, you read it right. A small one, of the FPV type, but that can be interesting to cover an interesting niche that until now it seems that no one of the big manufacturers had dared.

Although the details are still scarce, the truth is that from the leaked images, the indoor DJI Avata is specifically designed to fly in very small spaces, with covered rotors and form factor very different from the rest of the drones on the market. company, including the recent and small DJI Mini 3 Pro.

About the specifications, all the details are a complete mystery. The drone has only been leaked in its design and some images that seem to correspond to a functional prototype. However, there are some features that are being discussed regarding its capabilities: a weight of only 500 grams (slightly more than the Mini 3 Pro), improvements in the camera and in video recording.

DJI Avata: 500 grams of weight and intended to fly indoors

Although heavier than other drones of the company, it seems that this model will allow to fly indoors, so the improvements in its camera seem to be intended to use the drone in shows or film and television recordings, for example.

That weight gain over the mini means the drone will need to be registered with the FAA if used outdoors, so that's one more reason to consider it indoors-focused. Another interesting detail is that everything would indicate that it is an FPV drone, that is, to be used with glasses, which would allow its pilot to have a third-person view of its camera. It would be an evolution of the technology introduced by DJI last year, which launched its first FPV drone. This type of drone is also used in indoor races and competitions, so it is another reason for it to be used indoors.

At the moment there are no more details of this DJI Avata, and it is unknown when it will be officially presented, its price, its availability to the general public or the rest of its capabilities. However, with what has been seen so far, it seems to be a more than interesting product.