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Do you remember Inbox? Former Google employees have revived it and it's great

There are many email clients that can perfectly replace Gmail and that also include more features than Google offers on its platform. Shortwave is one of these alternatives and is probably one of the most interesting. Not only because it adds features that can help you perform tasks more easily. Also because it brings back some of the best features that the Mountain View company abandoned with the closure of Inbox.

The Shortwave email platform has been created by an eponymous startup made up of former Google employees. It works, in fact, as an alternative client to Gmail, just like Inbox. In other words, users who wish to sign up for the service can log in with Gmail and synchronize their entire Google mailbox through a few simple steps. Once the initial configuration has been carried out, and as Shortwave indicates on its website, Internet users will be able to “send emails in a smarter and faster way” with the aim of improving their productivity. The interface is much more intuitive, the functions more accessible and the writing options are much more complete than those of Gmail.

But what are those features that Shortwave has brought back from Inbox? Although the team that has developed the alternative client to Gmail does not comment on them, they are clearly visible in the interface. One of these options, and the most notable, is the possibility of deleting all emails from the inbox by means of a button located in the upper area from the screen. This marks all emails as “completed” and redirects them to a tab under the same name. There is also a 'Promotions' tab, which separates those messages with advertising.

Shortwave, the alternative to Gmail with Inbox features, is free

Shortwave can be a good option for those users who miss the features that Google removed with the death of Inbox. Adding, even, options similar to those that the company maintains in Gmail. The client is also free. However, the free version is limited to a few features. Among them, the possibility of using the inbox or sending emails in real time. Also being able to access a search history and emails for the last 90 days, as well as some functions that can be useful for teamwork.

On the other hand, Shortwave has a 9 dollars per month plan that includes all the advantages of the free modality, but adding roles in the workspace, unlimited history and more functions for work team up.