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Do you use an adblocker? You may have problems with Google Docs and Slides (photo)

In the last few hours, a large number of reports related to problems with the products of the Google desktop suite have emerged, mainly Google Doc and Presentations , which would be related to the use of adblocker .

Browser extensions for blocking advertisements on websites would be responsible for the numerous content display issues with Google Docs and Slides that are occurring in the last few hours. As you can see from the images in the gallery , the display errors consist of incorrect formatting of the contents, text arrangements not aligned and even duplications of the text.

The problems are probably due to the fact that adblockers recognize the contents inserted in the documents as advertisements. One immediate solution is to disable the adblock action for Google Docs and Slides. We don't know if updates for adblocker extensions will come to fix them permanently.

According to the reports that emerged on Reddit, the problems would occur with Google Docs and Slides, while Sheets would be excluded. Let us know if you have encountered them too.