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DoubleVPN has been shut down due to cybercriminals using it, is this just the beginning?

Virtual Private Networks are a very useful and effective tool in various connectivity sectors and, unfortunately, they also lend themselves to illicit activities because they basically allow to camouflage the your position and the content of your data traffic. For this reason I am now in the crosshairs of the European postal police and not.

In the last hours the Europol European Cybercrime Center (EC3), through an operation started by the Milan Postal Police, announced that it closed DoubleVPN , one of the most popular VPN services. This is because this service was among the most used by cybercriminals , users who used the network to carry out illegal activities of all kinds.

As part of the operation all servers , all logs and information associated with subscribers were seized, such as those relating to payments. DoubleVPN offered even quadruple VPN services, at monthly rates that were around € 22 per month and promised users to delete all logs.

Now it remains to be seen whether other VPN services are also in the sights of the European postal police . The question would be even more delicate : VPNs offer services to many companies to ensure privacy and security of employees and of the contents they exchange on the net; moreover, VPNs are a valid tool even for simple users who want to protect their online privacy. We will see how and if it will be possible to discriminate between VPNs used almost exclusively for illegal activities and those that instead operate in total transparency .