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DuckDuckGo declares war on Privacy Sandbox: Chrome extension blocks it

DuckDuckGo , the company behind the famous search engine focused on privacy (but also a real browser ) has been from the beginning one of the most critical voices against Privacy Sandbox, Google's new method of tracking and targeting of users for online ads.

But now it has gone further, and with a post the product director Peter Dolanjski announced that the 'latest update of his extension for Chrome will block two new methods of targeting of ads that are part of Privacy Sandbox (which can also be done disabling the “Privacy Sandbox” setting in Chrome).

According to the American company, while the search giant's new advertising technology promises to be less invasive , Google Chrome “will continue to automatically monitor online activity and to share information about users with advertisers and other actors so that they can profile them without consent “.

The point is that when you visit a site , an advertiser could “tell” Chrome to put you in an interest group . When you visit another site, your browser will run an ad auction based on the interest groups you are in and will present specific ads . Hence the move of DuckDuckGo . For its part, Google is testing the service only for a limited user base and has said it is ready to welcome criticism and feedback.

Street: Engadget
Source: DuckDuckGo