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Dyson unveils air-purifying headphones that look like something out of Cyberpunk 2077

Noise cancellation and air purification. These are the two fundamental pillars of the new Dyson Zone, headphones that the brand has presented and of course they are very far from the minimalism of the industry. Although, in reality, Dyson defines the Zone as the first wearable air purifier, so they are more of a purifier with headphones.

Be that as it may, it is perhaps the company's strangest product for which there is still no date or price, beyond the fact that Dyson points out that the Zone will arrive sometime in the fall. Although it may seem like a totally crazy idea, the truth is that the intention of the Dyson Zone is to become one more tool against urban pollution.

These headphones, which have the air purifier embedded inside the capsule itself, capture urban pollution such as gases, allergens and solid particles, while canceling noise with an advanced system noise-canceling and provide clean, high-fidelity audio.

Huge size, high-fidelity and noise-cancellation: the cornerstones of the Dyson Zone

Matt Alexander/PA wire In this sense, the Zones include four modes for air purification programmed with internal accelerometers and with an automatic mode that automatically adjusts between low, medium and high purification speed according to need.

In addition, the purification system does not have to be always active or on. It can be removed, and the Dyson Zone will become a normal (and huge) headphones. In this way, the device can be used to play audio only. The visor can be removed.

Like the rest of headphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), the Dyson Zone includes the classic three operating modes, which in this case and given that the purification motors are in the ear zone , are much more necessary and important:

Isolation is the highest level of noise cancellation that offers a rich and immersive sound experience; for example, when you need maximum concentration. Conversation is activated when the visor is lowered from the mouth; The purifier automatically turns off to save battery power and amplify conversation. Transparent is designed to help you be aware of the sounds around you and amplifies important sounds like emergency sirens or announcements.Be that as it may, we will have to wait for the market launch to see if it is really a technology to be aware of in the future, or an intermediate step in the headphone war.