Electric and portable air compressor review

In the most equipped of the garages, an air compressor will never be missing but if you have little space available then the mini pump we tried in the past few days could be for you.

It is in fact an electric air compressor that does not even need to be connected to the electrical outlet to work as it incorporates a battery that ensures a long-lasting and wireless power supply.

It has the shape of a large mechanic's pistol and is powerful enough to inflate even a car wheel, so it will prove particularly useful even if stored in a trunk to be pulled out if necessary.

The main strength is in fact the high versatility: thanks to the different pins included in the package it can effectively inflate the wheels of cars, motorcycles and bicycles but also balloons, mats and balloons.

Recensione compressore d’aria elettrico e portatile

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Due to its shape and size it is easily confused with a handy travel hair dryer. It is made entirely of polycarbonate and offers a large handle that ensures excellent grip and high maneuverability especially due to the knurled texture that covers part of the back.

On the base there is a visible socket that allows you to connect the cable for recharging the internal battery: it is a pity not to have a microUSB port, which would facilitate its use with any cable we already have at home, avoiding us necessarily having to have it within reach. the original.

This compressor has a trigger that allows you to start and stop the pumping of the air, above which two small LEDs are recessed that light up during use, an excellent thing especially if you will find yourself using it in the dark, perhaps on board. road after having unfortunately punctured a wheel.

At the tip there is a proprietary connection for the supplied extension, a sort of flexible tube with fabric covering with a screw system that allows correct locking of the pump to the wheel inflation pin or to one of the adapters included in the package (there are there are three that allow you to use the compressor to inflate balloons, mats and balloons).

On the back of the pump there is a small backlit LED display with blue light accompanied by three buttons (R, + and -) that allow you to control the various functions of the device.

Overall, the compressor is robust, quite heavy (over 600 grams) and easy to handle.

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How does it work

To turn it on, simply press the button R. Immediately the two front LEDs and the display will light up, making the pump operational in a few seconds. At this point, simply press the R key again to select one of the 4 available measurement units: PSI, BAR, KPA and Kg / c㎡.

For each of these it is possible to set a maximum pressure level – 10.3 BAR, 995 KPA, 10.5 kg / c㎡ or 150 PSI – at which the compressor will automatically stop pumping as soon as it reaches the chosen level.

In fact, just select the desired value, connect the compressor to the wheel to be inflated, squeeze the trigger and wait for the device to complete inflation. This compressor has a power of 120 W and can pump up to 25 liters of air per minute. It has sufficient autonomy, thanks to the 2,200 mAh battery, to inflate even a car tire completely on the ground and if it is connected to a powerbank or even better to a USB power supply, it can also work “indefinitely” since it is capable of pumping air even while the battery is being charged.

Recensione compressore d’aria elettrico e portatile


This compressor works quite well and, thanks to its flexible tube, allows you to inflate any wheel even when the valve of the inner tube is particularly difficult to reach.

Too bad there is no adapter for bicycle tubes, which forces us to equip ourselves by finding one from an old pump or buying it on the Internet. It is also a shame because the supplied power cable is really too short (about 90 cm) to be used for direct power supply which, as mentioned, is an option contemplated by the compressor. In this case you will be forced to replace it with one with a similar plug (if present at home) or again to purchase an extension cable.

The autonomy is quite good: without connecting it to any valve, therefore without being subjected to pressure, it can operate for about 30 minutes on a single charge before switching off. Charging the battery takes just over 3 hours to restore it completely.

There is no On / Off switch: the compressor will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity. On the other hand, the block for accidental pressure of the trigger is convenient, which will allow you to insert the compressor in a bag preventing it from turning on autonomously.

Recensione compressore d’aria elettrico e portatile


Despite the meager supply of accessories, this electric air compressor is a real convenience, precisely because it is highly portable. It comes in a small suitcase (but you can also opt for the sales package, equipped with the compartment to store it safely) and you can leave it in the trunk of the car to inflate the tires and prevent a sudden drop in pressure leaving us at feet, or to inflate the mattress before heading to the beach.

It is also very useful to always keep ready and loaded in the garage to inflate the wheels of bicycles or motorcycles before going out for a trip out of town.

For those interested in buying, we point out that it is currently on sale on GearBest at a price of about 37 euros.


  • Compact and handy
  • Powerful enough to inflate a completely flat tire
  • Built-in light to illuminate the tire valve even in the dark
  • Auto-off when the pre-set pressure value is reached
  • Counter

  • Uncommon charging plug (a microUSB was better)
  • The charging cable is very short
  • The adapter for bicycle valves is missing