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Elon Musk bought 9.2 percent of Twitter's stock

Elon Musk, head of SpaceX and Tesla, bought 9.2 percent of the shares of the social network Twitter. According to what was revealed in a document from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the body that supervises the stock exchange in the United States, Musk bought 73,486,938 shares of Twitter, in a transaction worth 2.89 billion dollars (approximately € 2.5 billion).

Musk is a frequent user of Twitter, which he has often publicly criticized, and there has been talk for some time about the possibility of his new social network being created. On March 25, he published a poll on Twitter asking users if they believed the social network respected the fundamental principles of freedom of expression. After more than 70 percent of respondents had said no, he had written another tweet in which he wondered if it was necessary to create a new platform.

The news of the Twitter share purchase seems to have disproved this hypothesis for the time being, and immediately boosted the value of Twitter, which gained more than 26 percent when the Wall Street stock market opened on Monday.

Is a new platform needed?

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 26, 2022