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Elon Musk confirms that Russia is attacking the Starlink service in Ukraine

Elon Musk has confirmed that Russia is increasing its efforts to disrupt Starlink satellite service in Ukraine. At the beginning of the Russian invasion, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla sent hundreds of antennas to guarantee internet connection, especially in areas remote or where the local infrastructure collapsed.

The confirmation comes after the publication of a Reuters report revealing that Russia was behind a massive cyberattack on Viasat, another Starlink-like satellite network that disabled thousands of modems in late February. Probably as a measure to disrupt internet connections in Ukraine.

The attack occurred shortly after the Russian invasion. The objective was to destabilize Ukrainian military communications at the beginning of the war, but it ended up affecting many other European countries.

So far, the Viasat cyberattack has been the most visible, from a public view, by Russia since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine. Not only because of the connectivity problems caused throughout Europe, but also because the affected modems had to be physically replaced. Restarting them or updating the system didn't fix them.

But Viasat wasn't the only satellite network the Russians tried to attack. Starlink has also been the victim of hacking attempts or denial of service attacks, although they have not been successful so far.

“Starlink, for now, has resisted hacking and blocking attempts of Russia, but their efforts are increasing. explained Elon Musk on Twitter.