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Elon Musk holds back the Twitter deal: too many fake accounts?

The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk is “temporarily suspended” . Title so Bloomberg following the statement by Musk himself obviously made via Twitter.

The reason, according to Musk himself, is to be found in a recount of fake accounts . In a May 3 report released by Reuters, Twitter claimed that fake or spam-focused accounts accounted for 5% of the total count .

Apparently Musk and his staff do not agree with the number in question , given that the deal was temporarily suspended just to ensure the veracity of the data released by the social network.

It is possible that if the percentage proves to be higher than indicated, the deal goes wrong, or that in any case there is a recalculation of the amount that Musk would be willing to pay out.

In any case, Musk's intentions were clear: among his objectives there is also that of eradicating the phenomenon of spam bots , of authenticating somehow the “humans and to make open source the algorithm behind Twitter. If there are actually more than 5% fake accounts, the work to be done on the platform could be greater than expected. Meanwhile, after Musk's announcement, Twitter's pre-market shares plummeted 20%.

Either way, Musk is still intent on going through with the acquisition. In a tweet in response to the previous one, he confirmed it, without however providing further details on what is happening in these hours.