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Envision promises electric car batteries with 1,000 km of autonomy

Envision AESC, the renowned Chinese company, has set to work on the production of its new generation batteries. This new series comes with the promise of achieving extraordinary levels of autonomy extraordinary in electric cars. This has been recently reported by Nikkei Asia.

According to comments, the company Envision plans to start the production of batteries with a minimum autonomy of 1,000 kilometers in electric vehicles. Said production will start in 2024, as they have announced, and they also tell us how they plan to increase the energy storage capacity of their batteries.

To meet this goal, the Chinese company will use a new technology that allows them to double the number of battery cells contained in each car. Of course, it is expected that the internal changes of these batteries will also be reflected in other sections of electric cars.

They anticipate that electric cars including this new energy technology arrive with an increased weight. Also, Envision plans to use its new plant in Ibaraki prefecture, near Tokyo, for the production of its new batteries.

The new Envision batteries will benefit the lifespan of electric cars

Envision batteries The company will build new plants in Japan, China, France, the United States and the United Kingdom at the end of this same decade. In this way, they plan to increase their production capacity by ten times the current level. Thus, Envision will expand its production capacity of solid-state batteries and lithium-ion batteries to a level capable of powering an equivalent of 1.1 million electric vehicles.

In addition to the improvement in the range of electric cars, the new Envision batteries are expected to see a reduction in their charging times. The reduction in loading times will be 30%, approximately (less than 20 minutes).

For its part, the new plant located near Tokyo plans to start operations at some point in 2024; so there is still some time before we see the fruits of Envision's research. Likewise, an important part of the energy used inside the plant will come from solar panels installed in it; Quite an achievement for a company of this level.

Envision will work with Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors to secure the supply of minor metals; as well as critical minerals for the production of these technologies. This alliance comes as a preventive measure due to the shortage of materials, since the demand for batteries for electric cars is growing more and more.