Epic Games will acquire the Bandcamp music services platform

Epic Games, the company that among other things produces the popular video game Fortnite, has announced that it will acquire the independent music streaming platform Bandcamp, which allows you to discover and listen to bands and musicians and pay to buy their records or their merchandise. In a statement shared on the Epic Games blog it is said that the acquisition of Bandcamp will be an important step to expand the company's offer; Meanwhile, Bandcamp founder and CEO Ethan Diamond specified that the platform will continue to preserve its services and values, and that in particular it will continue to follow the model by which it compensates artists who share their music.

Bandcamp has existed since 2007 and began to be known and used all over the world since 2010. Unlike the larger and better known streaming platforms, such as Spotify, it focuses on the idea of ​​owning the music you listen to (which you can buy either in digital and physical format), on the complicity between the listener and the artist and on a certain sense of belonging to a project that distributes money in a way considered by many to be fairer. As Diamond notes, artists who share their music on Bandcamp generally receive 82 percent of the money they collect for each sale; to make a comparison with Spotify, where however the music is not bought, for each song playback the company that manages the platform pays a fraction of a cent of a dollar to the artist.

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