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European Union against big tech: the antitrust law is postponed to 2023

On these pages we have been reporting for several weeks the acceleration of the European Commission for the new Digital Markets Act ( DMA ) which should regulate in a “definitive” way the so-called big tech companies .

The new law is aimed at the so-called “ gatekeepers “, ie companies with a market capitalization of over 75 billion euros and a base of at least 45 million monthly users . In the DMA some disruptive rules are established, such as the obligation to allow to download apps from an alternative store , or to make messaging platforms “interoperable”. The pains? Up to 10% of global turnover and 20% in case of repeated violations.

Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager , however, spoke last week at the International Competition Network (ICN) conference and stated that the new legislation will arrive in spring of 2023 , unlike the initially planned autumn 2022.

According to Vestager , the new deadline is due to the creation of new structures within the Commission, with the recruitment of staff, IT systems, legal texts on procedures and more. While the new date may give the Commission more time to prepare, the delay could also give the side to criticism in case the Commission fails to detect any serious breaches that will occur from now to now. which the DMA will become law.

Via: The Verge, TechCrunch
Source: European Commission