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Extensions in Incognito Mode of Chrome

Google Chrome has a plethora of extensions in its Chrome Web Store. I’m sure every one of us Chrome users uses at least one extension inside the browser. However, you cannot use extensions in the Incognito mode of Chrome. Not under default settings at least. Here I will walk you through how to enable extensions in Incognito mode.

Extensions in chrome…

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser in existence. Earlier in an article, I listed the best Linux web browsers out there. Chrome made its way into that list too. Whether it’s on Linux or Windows, extensions are always available for our use inside Chrome. However, as I mentioned above, we lose the ability to use extensions when we launch Incognito mode.

No extensions in Incognito by default…

The purpose of using Incognito mode is increased privacy. As you may already know, most of the extensions for Chrome are made by third-party developers. And when we use those third-party things inside Incognito mode, our privacy could be compromised. Therefore, it is worth keeping in mind that these extensions, no matter how useful they are, can actually lower the privacy benefits the Incognito mode offers.

Enabling extensions in Incognito mode…

Now that you understand the consequences, let’s move on to the process.

Open Google Chrome first. Then click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Hover the mouse pointer on the ‘more tools’. It will bring another little menu. Click ‘extensions’ from that menu.

google chrome extensions

This will bring up the ‘extensions’ window. It will list all the extensions you have installed. Find the extension you want to use in Incognito mode. Then click the ‘Details’ button under the extension name.

chrome extension list

It will open the ‘extension details’ page. Scroll a bit down and you should see the ‘Allow in incognito’ option. It will be in the ‘off’ position by default. So click on the gray color switch to enable the option.

chrome extension allow in incognito

The switch should turn blue when enabled.

Now you how to enable the extensions in Incognito mode as well. You can do the same to any other extension you need. Just be aware of the privacy risk it carries.