Facebook account blocked? The cause could be Facebook Protect

In the early days of March , several Facebook users received an email titled “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect” suggesting them , in fact, to activate “Facebook Project” by a certain date, otherwise the account would have been blocked. According to the company, the program was created with the aim of protecting users – for example journalists and activists – who are more likely to be attacked by hackers . Given the similarity to common spam, however, the email was ignored by most of the recipients.

Too bad that the email was really signed by Facebook, which is now proceeding to block the accounts of those who have decided to decline the invitation to activate the new feature. To date, among other things, it seems that the solutions provided by the same company to recover the account do not work either . In this regard, there was no lack of complaints from users on various social networks.

Although they have all the necessary data, in fact they still haven't been able to recover their account . This story, therefore, will certainly be enriched with new developments.

Via: TheVerge