Facebook Down: site unreachable today, April 8, 2021

And even Instagram is not doing well

Sorry, something went wrong. So Facebook welcomes this evening users who try to access the pages of the social network.

facebook non raggiungibile

We also recorded some problems on Instagram , which was unable to update the feed , even though the service itself was still reachable and seemed to work anyway. WhatsApp instead does not seem to be affected by the disservice at the moment.

At the moment there are no official statements on the matter, but the problem has been present for a short time (about 23:20). If there are any related communications we will let you know.

Update 08/04/2021 at 23:50

Facebook is now reachable, albeit with some slowdowns. In any case, the problem seems to be resolved, it was only a black-out of about half an hour.