Facebook Groups are getting votes (even negative) and compliments to users' comments

It is not the first time that the votes for user comments arrive on the Facebook groups . On our Facebook group, SmartWorld Family Official (subscribe!), They have not yet arrived, but on other Italian groups they are peeping functionality rather advanced .

Let's start with the votes for the comments . First of all Facebook introduces us to the mechanics with a mini presentation that warns us that “Now you can rate the value of a comment for the group”. The key thing is that these votes are completely anonymous , and have the sole purpose of improving the quality of the discussion.

There is even a mechanic to compliment comments , always of course in a completely anonymous way. But what does this mechanic look like in the comments section?

The classic Like, which opens the Reaction submenu, does not properly “report” the comment with negative feedback in some way. There is only the “Grr reaction”, which, however, can also be used to indicate something else. With the new comment handling mechanics, two small arrows appear on the left of the Like button. These open the menu to vote positively or negatively on the comment.

Pressing on it will open the question “Is this comment useful for group members?” to which you can answer with a yes or a no . Whoever voted will remain anonymous, but the total votes will be visible to all group members.

In the event of a positive vote, a further submenu will open that will allow the user to also indicate what they liked the comment of the person involved , specifying whether they found it useful, kind, instructive, interesting , relevant or if it gave us ideas for a new idea. A system that is undoubtedly “complex” but it is certainly not mandatory to use.


One might be led to think that users use it mainly to express negative feedback, but in reality in Facebook groups there is usually a very different climate than the one you breathe, for example , on the pages or under the comments of an article or a classic image. Furthermore, all these tools serve even more to enhance the individual active members of the groups, as Badges already do. Among other things, we suspect that the Facebook algorithm at this moment benefits posts made by particularly active members of groups and, possibly, with more Badges, showing them more frequently in the users' feed. . The screenshots we showed you are from desktop mode of Facebook , but the user who provided them had the same mechanics available on the app as well mobile.

Thanks to Cosimo
for screenshots
and reporting