Facebook is no longer a laundry!

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and its universe – or metaverse – social, follows the model of the other big names in the tech sector, for which we try to facilitate employees with benefits which also affect their well-being outside of work.

So far Meta has offered its employees a series of benefits regarding home life and meals. Among these it was possible to have a free shuttle service to reach the workplace, have free meals and food in the office such as sushi buffet , and also laundry services . This is about to change for Meta employees in Silicon Valley.

Meta would therefore have chosen to eliminate at least part of these benefits, including the free laundry service, to adapt to the new hybrid work model that it now has caught on all over the world after the spread of the pandemic .

According to The New York Times , the choice would not be attributable to economic issues , although Meta is not experiencing a wonderful period with the competitors who hound , such as TikTok, and investors who no longer believe firmly in its long-term business model.

Meta discussed internally with its employees about the removal of the aforementioned benefits and many employees were not happy with the choice of the company. It is good to consider that Meta has also increased the cash benefit for the well-being of its employees, from 700 to 3,000 dollars per year .

Source: The New York Times